Utilizing Dedicated Freight: Securing Consistent, Realistic Income


The cycle of unpredictable market conditions is top-of-mind for a lot of truckers. While waiting for market conditions to recover, carriers can explore dedicated freight, also known as primary freight, for consistent and reliable income. 

Because dedicated freight involves a long-term commitment to a specific customer or contract, this arrangement ensures a steady flow of work and provides stability in an otherwise volatile market.

Partnering with a trusted 3PL can help carriers tap into dedicated freight opportunities, with the goal of making consistent money by keeping their trucks rolling. These 3PLs act as intermediaries between carriers and shippers, leveraging their industry expertise and extensive network to secure long-term contracts. Eliminating the need for constant load searching and bidding allows carriers to focus on delivering exceptional service to their dedicated customers, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and long-term partnerships.

Committing to Dedicated Freight 

Below are three advantages that carriers can expect to receive when they commit to utilizing dedicated freight.

1. Consistency

Consistency is a crucial aspect of dedicated freight that can greatly benefit small trucking businesses operating in the 21st Century.

Once a partnership is established with a specific carrier, businesses can secure a committed transportation capacity for an extended period. This arrangement establishes the trust that the carrier is readily available to handle the company’s transportation needs. As a result, the carrier receives consistent business – even during economic downturns.

2. Cost Efficiency 

Another significant advantage of utilizing dedicated freight is cost optimization. Utilizing 3PL expertise and resources allows small trucking companies to streamline their operations.

In many cases, small trucking businesses struggle with maximizing the usage of their trucks and trailers, leading to increased costs. By partnering with a 3PL,  tapping into a vast network of shippers and gaining access to dedicated freight opportunities becomes much simpler. This allows their trucks to be consistently filled, minimizing empty miles and maximizing revenue per mile.

3. Customer Service

A reputable 3PL has an extensive network of shippers and customers, so connecting carriers to long-term opportunities enables carriers to more closely align with the shippers’ needs, ensuring improved customer service.

Third-party logistics providers understand the market and its cycles, as well as customer demands, and industry best practices. They can offer valuable insight and guidance to carriers in selecting the most suitable dedicated freight opportunities for their capabilities and business objectives. This expertise helps carriers optimize their operations, improve service quality, and better meet customer expectations.

Finding a Partner In It For The Long Haul

Finding a partner that can come alongside carriers to help them keep their trucks running can be game changing. The challenges and complexities involved in running a fleet of trucks require a strong support system and a reliable provider can offer valuable resources, expertise, and assistance in all areas. 

Dedicated freight presents an attractive option, providing carriers with the opportunity to partner with a 3PL and establish long-term contracts with specific customers. This proactive step towards ensuring success for their business will secure consistent income in times of uncertainty.


Author Bio: Nick Shipe is the Director of Operations of Circle Logistics, a privately held third-party logistics company committed to delivering on three core promises to their customers: No Fail Service, Personalized Communication, and Innovative Solutions. Circle Logistics leverages its technology, industry experience, and employee ingenuity to develop industry-leading transportation solutions. For more information, visit https://circledelivers.com/