Utordo allows logistics companies to integrate with OnBuy – the world’s fastest-growing online marketplace


Utordo – the cloud-based multi-channel order management solution – is now fully integrated with OnBuy.com, the fastest-growing online marketplace in the world and the largest UK-founded marketplace. Having achieved over 600% growth for the last 3 years in a row, OnBuy is on a mission to revolutionise the eCommerce sector by providing a fair, transparent and ethical marketplace that benefits buyers and sellers.

Richard Davies, a director of Utordo, comments: “OnBuy is hugely successful and is rapidly growing as more and more online shoppers come to see the site as their go-to e-commerce marketplace. We are naturally delighted to be able to bring the benefits of Utordo technology to the retailers who sell through OnBuy and their order fulfillment logistics partners.”

By adopting Utordo middleware, logistics companies effectively integrate their existing warehouse management system (WMS) with OnBuy (and other popular trading platforms if required). This enables all relevant information relating to each online order received via the OnBuy marketplace by the logistics company’s retailer client to be instantly exported to its WMS. The process means the need for any manual input – or keying-in – by the logistics company’s administration staff is completely eliminated.

Utordo exports data relating to each order from OnBuy to the logistics company’s WMS using secure flat file, XMS or API formats and orders appear on the host warehouse management system the instant they are received.

Utordo also handles order communications with the online seller’s customers and updates the seller’s web-store and other marketplaces with tracking and order details in real time.

OnBuy’s partner manager, Pete du Pon, comments: “We are continuously striving to improve the OnBuy experience for our retailer partners and their customers. Because Utordo facilitates faster and more efficient order fulfillment, we believe it will benefit OnBuy’s sellers and, in turn, OnBuy shoppers.”

For logistics companies Utordo technology is offered as a SaaS (Software as a Service) package with a minimum 12-month contract agreement.