Virtustream Announces New Managed Availability Services for SAP® Applications to Increase Up-Time SLA to 99.95%


Virtustream, an enterprise-class cloud company and Dell Technologies business, today announced new Managed Availability Services designed to deliver 99.95% availability for mission-critical SAP® applications, giving peace of mind to enterprise customers who require the highest level of up-time for their applications.

The new Managed Availability Services complement Virtustream’s extensive xStreamCare services portfolio, extending its end-to-end support – from migration to management – for customers’ SAP applications on the Virtustream cloud. In order to optimize SAP applications, Virtustream already offers availability service-level agreements (SLAs) for both infrastructure (99.999%) and applications. However, customers can now implement Managed Availability Services to improve their application up-time SLA from 99.9% to an impressive 99.95%.

“There are very few cloud companies that can offer the technology stack and deep expertise necessary to deliver 99.95% availability for mission-critical applications,” says industry analyst Matt Eastwood, IDC. “That amounts to just a few hours per year of down-time. As cloud vendors continue to innovate and dial into the real-world requirements of enterprise customers, it’s services like these from Virtustream that will truly stand-out for customers with business-critical workloads in data-intensive sectors like banking and finance, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, oil and gas, higher education and research.”

“With thousands of SAP migrations in our experience, our deep expertise and proven methodologies appeal to enterprise customers across all industries,” says Rob Scott, Vice President of Professional and Managed Services, Virtustream. “We’ll continue to broaden our SAP services portfolio and enhance our cloud platforms to deliver the solutions that our customers require for their complex IT environments.”


Managed Availability Services Ensure Higher Up-Time for Mission-Critical Applications

Businesses hosting their SAP applications on Virtustream’s cloud can now take advantage of its new Managed Availability Services, an add-on to Virtustream’s existing xStreamCare services for SAP applications. The new services increase application availability, further reducing the costs and business risks associated with planned and unplanned downtime.

The Managed Availability Services combine deep application-aware monitoring with automated failover capabilities to ensure maximum up-time for an enterprise’s most critical SAP applications. The solution actively monitors the entire SAP environment, including servers, storage, operating system, network, databases and applications to detect and remediate problems early.

Managed Availability Services leverage enterprise-class technologies, such as SAP HANA® system replication (HSR), in order to provide numerous customer benefits, including:

  • Superior protection against hardware and software failures
  • Potential of near-zero planned downtime
  • Cohesive, end-to-end approach for each stage of the journey for a one-hand-to-shake experience.


The service consists of clustering software licenses and the planning and deployment of a cluster, including provisioning, installation and configuration. Available today globally, click here to learn more or here to contact us today.


New Services Complement Virtustream’s Growing xStreamCare Services Portfolio

xStreamCare Services provide a comprehensive suite of professional and managed services for customers looking to migrate applications to the cloud, with a specific focus on leveraging Virtustream’s decade-long experience, automation, end-to-end processes, and deep technical expertise in migrating and managing mission-critical SAP applications.

This suite of services helps customers modernize their mission-critical applications in the cloud, and includes personalized, white-glove services for planning, migration, integration, and optimization. As a complementary piece to the xStreamCare services portfolio, Virtustream’s new Managed Availability Services extend the broad choices available for customers running on Virtustream’s cloud, ensuring their applications can deliver the highest levels of business value attainable.

For more information on Virtustream’s xStreamCare services go here. For more information about the new Managed Availability Services and other add-on services like Archiving and Data Management for SAP applications, go here.