Vizibl launches “The Decade of Our Lives” Event Series to Take Collaborative Approach Towards Scope 3 Emissions


Vizibl, the leading SaaS platform for Supplier Collaboration and Innovation (SC&I), is introducing a series of virtual collaborative events titled ‘The Decade of Our Lives’, launching with an instalment on ‘Climate, Carbon and the Scope 3 Challenge’ on 1st December 2021. The event will bring industry experts and thought-leading trailblazers together to deliver insights and discuss best practices for how companies should tackle their Scope 3 emissions.

Scope 3 accounts for the vast majority of corporate emissions impact. This event will explore how enterprise organisations, and vendors within their supply chain ecosystems, can take a collaborative approach towards confronting these emissions, turning ambition into action to reduce their overall environmental impact. Dedicated panel sessions will also enable attendees to debate and understand how businesses can accelerate their journey to net-zero.

Core themes covered at the ‘Climate, Carbon and the Scope 3 Challenge’ event include:

  • Macro-level Challenges in Procurement and Sustainability
  • The reality in 2021
  • Driving positive action into 2022

Industry experts attending and speaking at the event, include:

  • Mark Perera, CEO & Founder, Vizibl
  • Jim Massey, Chief Sustainability Officer, Zai Lab
  • Cesare Guarini, Director Sustainability Procurement, Philip Morris International
  • Caitlyn Lewis, Founder & MD, Supplier Day
  • Deborah Dull, Expert and Thought Leader on Circular Supply Chains
  • Emir Sassi, Global Head of Procurement Sustainability, Novartis

‘Climate, Carbon and the Scope 3 Challenge’ on December 1st will kick off a series of ten events held at five-week intervals carrying on throughout 2022; five weeks represents 1% of this crucial decade for sustainability and the event cadence is designed to reflect this troubling urgency. These webinar sessions will bring together a roster of thought leaders and industry experts to provide actionable insights for organisations tackling the reduction in Scope 3 emissions throughout the year.

Mark Perera, CEO at Vizibl, says: “Given value chain emissions make up 80% of total emissions for a typical consumer company, we cannot tackle organisation-wide emissions without addressing the scope 3 challenge; the mandate to act has never been clearer. This is only possible through transparent and collaborative relationships with key suppliers and stakeholders. Meaningful supplier relationships are no longer nice to have, they are business critical. The one certainty is that the decisions we make this decade will be the legacy we leave for future generations.”

The Decade of our Lives: Climate, Carbon and the Scope 3 Challenge kicks off on 1st December, at 14:00 GMT. To get your free ticket click here.