Volta Trucks Drives Innovation in a Disruptive Industry with Spryker


Spryker, the leading composable commerce platform for sophisticated use cases in B2B Commerce, Enterprise Marketplaces, and Thing Commerce, and Volta Trucks, the leading and disruptive all-electric commercial vehicle manufacturer and services provider, have today announced a partnership to enable Volta Trucks to launch a composable commerce platform built for the future. The innovative project will be implemented using Spryker’s composable Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution, built on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS) using AWS-designed highly performant AWS Graviton chips and serverless technology with AWS Lambda. Exclusively working with emission free vehicles, the collaboration will create new business models that contribute to a more sustainable future of mobility.

“As a new innovative disruptor in the commercial vehicle market, we don’t have the same challenges which a traditional truck manufacturer might have. We have learned from legacy companies how to do things differently,” said Martin Hofmann, CIO and CTO at Volta Trucks. “The underlying technology and the way we are able to compose the platform will unconditionally put our customers in the center and deliver the highest value to their business, as uptime and service of our vehicles is one of our key areas of focus. We chose to partner with Spryker to get ahead of the game and invest in the best possible technology for servicing spare parts for our customers.”

Volta Trucks’ ambition is to simplify truck ownership through its Truck-as-a-Service (TaaS) business model. While its business exists today, much of its operational processes, such as maintenance, services, insurance, and leasing, rely on manual procedures. Spryker will help to accelerate Volta Trucks’ vision by bringing the TaaS model to life in the digital realm and will play a pivotal role in enabling its rapid development of essential digital functionality while maintaining flexibility to adapt.

“The success of our TaaS offering relies on our ability to pivot quickly based on how our customers interact with our trucks,” said Shiv Tailor, VP Enterprise Technology at Volta Trucks. “Having the flexibility to iterate quickly is invaluable to us. Spryker’s composable commerce platform enables us to react and innovate more efficiently.”

In the first phase of the project, Volta Trucks will build a comprehensive parts catalogue, driven by an aggressive timeline that is made possible by Spryker’s out-of-the-box functionalities. In the second phase, Volta Trucks will continue its journey of digital transformation by focusing on the development of an advanced ordering system, introducing additional functionalities while enhancing the overall user experience. Goals of the project aligned with Volta Trucks business objectives include:

  • Increasing flexibility: Spryker’s composable approach is the cornerstone of Volta Trucks flexibility in shaping its digital roadmap on the fly. Composability enables unparalleled speed and agility, empowering Volta Trucks to swiftly bring new functionalities to market.
  • Simplifying customer experience: Volta Trucks aspires to set a new standard for user-centric service in the automotive industry. Spryker will support this vision with an intuitive and efficient interface, enabling streamlined essential tasks for users.
  • Driving automation: Volta Trucks envisions a future where vehicle performance insights trigger automated responses. Spryker enables Volta Trucks to automate the entire process, from diagnosing issues to booking service appointments seamlessly.
  • Elevating customer loyalty: Spryker empowers Volta Trucks to offer its customers an enticing driver loyalty program. Through Spryker’s composable platform, Volta Trucks can more easily create and manage a driver-centric loyalty initiative.

“What Volta Trucks is doing is truly disruptive in the industry and we are proud to support it. Their approach aligns with the global shift towards sustainable mobility, making them a key innovator in the automotive space,” said Boris Lokschin, Co-Founder and CEO at Spryker. “By utilizing Spryker’s intelligent composable platform, designed specifically for sophisticated transactions, Volta Trucks will be able to create new business models with complex pricing elements quickly, easily, and with a faster return on investment. This collaboration will drive forward innovation that empowers businesses to embrace a more efficient and sustainable future.”

“We are proud to work with Spryker to help drive the success of Volta Trucks’ disruptive TaaS model,” said Andrea Ketzer, Director of Technology Strategy, Automotive and Manufacturing at AWS. “Through the synergy of our cloud services, serverless technology, and Spryker’s composable commerce platform, we’re helping to enable Volta Trucks to achieve maximum flexibility and scalability. Together, we’re helping to transform Volta Trucks’ business and shaping the future of automotive innovation.”

Volta Trucks is a visionary player in the electric commercial vehicle sector. They are revolutionizing the last-mile delivery in urban areas and are disrupting the automotive landscape by developing electric trucks with a focus on improving urban logistics and reducing the carbon footprint of urban transportation. Volta Trucks recently announced Martin Hofmann, formerly CIO of Volkswagen, as its CTO and CIO.