Wagner Logistics Encourages Partners to Implement Green Warehousing Practices


Wagner Logistics (Wagner), a leading supply chain management provider, is serving as counsel and an industry leader for environmental sustainability within the warehousing space.

Because sustainability requires proactive thinking rather than reactive responses to changing trends and customer expectations, Wagner encourages partnering companies to carefully evaluate available climate friendly strategies that empower leaders to make informed decisions about how to best implement sustainable warehousing practices. From energy conservation to waste reduction, Wagner nurtures relationships with customers to ensure business operations are not merely about costs, but also include the most environmentally-friendly methods for getting work accomplished.

“Procurement is not just about reducing costs any more. Procurement professionals within the supply chain want a partner that’s really in tune with their business and can help support their business strategy,” said Joe Oliaro, Chief Real Estate Officer, Wagner Logistics. “These professionals now need to lean on their service providers to give them the information they need and sometimes that’s harder to quantify.”

Industrial and build-to-suit sites involve integrating green building design features, building systems, user behavior, and construction methods. Because lighting accounts for roughly 30% of energy usage in a distribution center, lighting systems and fixtures are often examples of easier implementation.

“LED lighting is kind of a double bonus because if you can install sensors that allow lights to automatically come on and off, then you know you’re only using lighting in the warehouse where you need it,” said Oliaro. “And then from a functionality and safety standpoint, the LED lighting also serves to cater to food grade type facilities and operations so you’re not worried about lights breaking and glass getting into packaging or into food.”

Wagner is also helping to shape sustainable warehousing by reusing dunnage, slip sheets, cardboard and other packing materials to reduce waste. Additionally, the 3PL has incorporated electric materials handling equipment, like using electric lifts and corresponding charging stations – within its warehousing facilities to help ensure the buildings they manage and operate are optimized for maximum energy efficiency – from warehouse design, construction, systems, appliances, equipment, operations, and maintenance to user behavior.