Wagner Logistics Partners with Veryable to Strengthen Labor Pool with Warehouse “Gig Workforce”


Wagner Logistics (Wagner), a leading supply chain management provider, today announced a partnership with Veryable, an on-demand marketplace for manufacturing, logistics and warehousing labor.  The partnership will enable Wagner to leverage Veryable’s platform to secure contract warehouse staff, empowering the 3PL to scale up and down when needed while also reducing scheduling demands that include labor shortages. With this partnership, Wagner Logistics will be able to tap into a gig workforce across the U.S. for its warehousing and fulfillment needs.

“In the past we’ve filled labor gaps with the standard temp labor service, which is becoming an outdated model, or at the very least a model that’s been beaten to death,” said Joe Oliaro, Chief Real Estate Officer at Wagner Logistics. “As we begin our Veryable partnership with our team in Kansas City, my intent is to have this agile labor solution model rolled out across all of our locations so that our workforce is reinforced by a structure that supports work-life balance, yet remains efficient. Giving our employees all the labor support they need is critical to running a successful warehouse. When we bring in a Veryable operator, they already have tailored experiences to meet our needs, which creates a better experience for the entire team.”

Veryable is a mobile-first platform and innovative labor solution that connects 3PLs like Wagner with available contract workers through a dashboard accessible via mobile app or web portal. The contractors have the warehousing skills Wagner needs for generalized and specialized tasks, from forklift operation, value added/premium services (labeling, kitting, etc.), and up to more niche tasks like handling eight thousand pound rolls of paper.

“Our mission is to provide businesses like Wagner Logistics with an efficient way to access reliable, on-demand labor when they need it most – all while maintaining excellent safety standards and streamlined operating procedures,” said Bo Rinehart, general manager for greater Kansas City at Veryable. “With this partnership we’re able to solve scheduling challenges for Wagner, while providing reliable work opportunities for our operators.”

Veryable operators use the platform to find gigs within the Wagner warehousing facilities that fit their schedule and provide them with opportunities to earn competitive wages and control their own schedules.

“The technology-driven approach to flexible labor complements Wagner’s flexible warehousing model by giving us the ability to quickly adapt to changing needs in our warehouses, where we often share space, equipment and staff across various clients within one warehouse,” said Oliaro. “We can now respond faster and more effectively than ever before.”

Headquartered in North Kansas City, Mo., Wagner provides top performing, cost optimized warehousing and logistics services for manufacturers of non-hazmat products. Wagner delivers efficient warehousing services for clients utilizing the company’s more than 550 team members who manage more than 7 million square feet of U.S. distribution space across 24 markets.