WALLIX embarks on new technology partnership adding behaviour analytics into its portfolio


WALLIX, (Euronext ALLIX) a European cybersecurity software vendor and expert in Identity and Access Security solutions, today announced a new technology partnership with CYBERNOVA. The partnership involves the integration of CYBERNOVA’s Operation Center solution into WALLIX’s flagship Bastion solution. Through the new integration, customers will have the option to add new functionality relating to privileged account alert management in addition to leveraging all the existing benefits of WALLIX Bastion.

Based on User Behaviour Analytics (UBA), Operation Center functionality will allow WALLIX to offer customers an innovative service to identify abnormal behaviours and quickly implement corrective plans. As soon as a suspicious behaviour is detected the organisation’s IT team automatically receives an alert. User actions are monitored and measured through automatically generated reports that the IT team can use to conduct in-depth investigations and reinforce its cybersecurity policy.

WALLIX Bastion provides the IT team with visibility on all the activity of all privileged accounts, in real time and in review. The solution offers an unalterable audit log – a comprehensive trace of all privileged activity providing clear insight into what happened in the event of a cyber-attack. This session monitoring and recording can be reviewed in video format by the IT team for analysis or integrated with a SIEM solution and now into CYBERNOVA’s Operation Center to identify malicious behaviour.

Dominique Meurisse, VP Sales at CYBERNOVA said, “We are very pleased with this partnership with WALLIX which will facilitate access to Operation Center for WALLIX users and partners. Operation Center considerably reduces the time spent by security managers to analyse abnormal behaviour of privileged users and produce the appropriate reports. ”

Jean-Noel de Galzain, founder and CEO of WALLIX added, “WALLIX’s mission is to provide companies with a simple solution to regain control of IT access in an increasingly interconnected world: access to servers and IT equipment, access to cloud environments, access to factories and remote workstations. Anticipating threats to their access will make organizations more agile and more flexible, while maintaining a high level of cybersecurity. It was only natural that we therefore integrated with CYBERNOVA to help strengthen the security of our customers and enable them to derive even more value from WALLIX Bastion.”