WALLIX Named 2021 TAG Cyber Distinguished Vendor

TAG Cyber, based in NYC, was created in 2016 to democratize cybersecurity analysis. With the TAG Cyber Security Annual, the firm reports on the market forecast and industry insights to offer enterprise cyber security teams guidance and analysis to better protect their infrastructures from advanced cyber-attacks. The particularity of the TAG Cyber Security Annual is that it is freely available for download, aiming to provide cybersecurity market analysis to all.

The TAG Cyber Security Annual features the TAG Cyber Controls, 54 data-driven tools and solutions organized into 6 categories – enterprise, network, endpoint, governance, data, and service – and presented as a “Periodic Table of Security.” These controls can be viewed as the best answer to the following question from CISOs: What elements should I include in my enterprise security program?


The TAG Cyber Security Annual also delivers thoughts, analysis, advice, and opinions regarding an array of current cyber subjects. In the 2021 edition, these include:

  • Protect Employees’ Mobile Lives; Protect your Enterprise
  • Why China Produces No Meaningful Cyber Security Start-Ups
  • A Proposed Cyber Security Transition Plan for the Next President
  • Reducing Enterprise Cyber Risk During Covid-19
  • What Four Women Cyber Security Executives Say About Leadership
  • Should A Law Firm Promise That A Client’s Data Won’t Be Hacked
  • 6 Tips for Security Funding for Your Security Startup
  • Is That an Unprotected Phone In Your Pocket?


The annual magazine also features a section dedicated to interviews with cybersecurity companies, analyst reports and distinguished vendors.

WALLIX is one such Distinguished Vendor, as part of an industry collective supporting the democratization of cyber security research and advisory materials. Each distinguished vendor was hand-selected by the TAG Cyber Analyst team, led by Dr. Edward Amoroso, CEO of TAG Cyber, and agrees to support and promote the free report.

“Being named a Distinguished Vendor is not only a recognition of the efficiency and strength of our solutions, but also speaks to our convictions. We stand behind the fact that the TAG Cyber Security Annual is freely available for download, because having access to cybersecurity analysis reports should not be a budget issue. We support the democratization of cybersecurity knowledge so that big companies and SMBs alike can access it and secure their digital futures.” said Edwige Brossard, CMO at WALLIX.

“We are proud to have the WALLIX team in our program this year,” said Edward Amoroso, CEO of TAG Cyber. “Their PAM platform brings great value to the worldwide industry.”


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