Want to Secure Your Website – Get a Domain Validated Certificate


It is an era of digitization, and people spend a lot of time on the internet for shopping, looking for information, or some other purpose. There has been massive growth in Internet use, especially online shopping. However, cybercrime has also grown in recent times. Many people become victims of fraud and lose their money. Not only that, but the criminals also use their personal information and misuse them. One of the reasons for this is websites without an SSL certificate. SSL certificates can be diverse types like DV SSL Certificate (Domain Validated), OV SSL (Organization Validation), and EV SSL (extended validation). Fortunately, people are becoming aware of cyber security, and they avoid visiting an unsecured website. If you own a secured website for your business or some other purpose, you must get a Domain Validated SSL as a primary security. It is essential for the protection of your website. This article will explain why it is critical for your website.

What is a Domain Validated Certificate?

It is an entry-level security certificate that provides security to your website. DV SSL provides powerful 256-bit encryption to your website. It protects users’ data and ensures the safety of personal information. When a user provides any information, it will be protected through encryption. This type of security feature is suitable for blogs and websites. It is the easiest way to receive modern encryption. The best thing about this security certificate is that you can get them within a few hours.

Why Should You Get Domain Validated SSL?

There are many benefits of getting a DV SSL. But, first, let us look at why you should get this security certificate.

Enhances Security of Your Website

A security certificate is essential if you are running a small business through your website wherein you collect some details like the customer’s name or phone number. A Domain Validated Certificate encrypts the user’s data when they enter it on the website, and only the end-user can decrypt it.

Easy to get

It is easy to get Domain Validated Certificates. There is no paperwork involved, and you can apply it online. Then, the respective authorities can issue these security certificates within a few minutes.

Better Ranking on Google

Security is one of the key features to get a better Google ranking of your website. You must have observed that when you open some websites, Google marks it unsecured, and users often avoid such sites. If your website is secure, Google ranks it better. A Domain Validated Certificate boosts the security feature of your website and helps you get a better ranking on Google.

Increase Trust of Your Website

Security is one of the users’ most significant concerns when visiting any website. Most of the visitors hesitate before providing any information. When you get a Domain Validated Certificate, the websites come with HTTPS and a secured padlock, and users trust them. They usually share basic details without a doubt on such websites.


You do not want to spend a significant amount of money on your website as a small business. Domain Validated security certificates are cost-effective. These certificates are the best for blogs and personal websites that do not collect online payments or require higher authentication.

Who Should Get Domain Validated SSL?

By now, you must have understood that security is essential for your website. However, does it mean that everyone must get it? Yes, it is necessary for every website owner. For example, if you are running a personal website wherein people visit to get some information and do provide any data, you need it. However, if you have a website for business purposes, you may need the customer’s details. Therefore, this security certificate is suitable for small and medium-level website owners where customers need to provide their login credentials even do not conduct any financial transactions.

How do I Get Domain Validated Certificates?

Many website owners want to secure their website with a Domain Validated Certificate, but they do not know how to get it. You can get it directly from certificate issuing authorities like RapidSSL, GoDaddy, GeoTrust, and Thawte. Apart from them, a website owner can contact the resellers like SSL2BUY as well. You can contact them and pay a little amount to apply for a certificate. The issuing authorities will usually send an email to the applicant for an issued certificate that you need to install on the server.

 Is a Website with DV SSL Certificate Completely Secure?

It is easy to get a Domain Validated (DV) certificate for anyone as it usually  do verification through an email. These are the least validated security certificates. Anyone can apply for these digital certificates and get them without providing any personal identification details. That is why these certificates does lack higher authentication.

Other Types of SSL Certificates

Apart from Domain Validated SSL Certificates, two other types of SSL Certificates are issued these days.

Organization Validated (OV SSL) 

As the name states, these Validation Certificates are issued for organizations. It can be a business, a non-profit, or a government entity. The identity of the organization is verified before issuing them. It confirms the existence of the business entity.

 Extended Validation (EV SSL)

An Extended Validation Certificate ensures more security than other types of certificates. Large Business houses and government entities use these certificates. The authorities verify the physical and operational details of the entity before issuing them. So, they are the most dependable.


The Internet plays a critical role in our life, but with increasing incidents of cybercrimes, security certificates have become essential. Most users take it seriously, and they do not like to stay on an unsecured website. Therefore, if you are a website owner, you must get a security certificate. A Domain Validated Certificate is the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to get 256-bit encryption for a blog or a personal website. So, get it at the earliest and make your website more dependable.