“We Progress Together” – Goldiee Praises Domino Partnership Following Domino Cloud Success


The Goldiee Group (Goldiee), one of India’s largest producers of spices and food products, has praised its longstanding relationship with Domino Printing Sciences (Domino), having enhanced its coding and marking capabilities with remote monitoring from the Domino Cloud.

“For today’s market, Goldiee only knows and trusts Domino to provide reliable coding and marking solutions,” says Som Prakash Goenka, Co-Founder, Goldiee. “We have always been a progressive company – in terms of our operations, our people, and our technological advancements – and it is through partnerships like this that we are able to excel in all of our practices.”

Goldiee has relied on Domino’s industrial printing expertise, and reliable solutions for coding and marking its products, for more than 30 years. The relationship has seen the company grow from a humble producer of packaged spices into a household name that manufactures and packages a range of foodstuffs in state-of-the-art facilities across 26 Indian states.

Today, Goldiee has more than 1,000 distributors and 350,000 retailers throughout India, and current exports reach 12 countries worldwide. With the slogan, “Goldiee is pure as gold,” the company strives for perfection in all that it does, and so it is essential that all of Goldiee’s products are impeccably coded.

At the main manufacturing site in Kanpur, Goldiee utilises Domino’s Ax-Series Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) printers, equipped with Domino Cloud, to code its expanding product range – which now includes spice mixes, bottled sauces, packaged noodles, and pickles.

“Domino’s Ax-Series printers are exceptional machines – in terms of quality, and reliability – so we can sell our products knowing a superior standard of code is on every item,” says Manu Rastogi, Manager of Operations, Goldiee.

“We have several machines located in different areas around our facility. With Domino Cloud, I can access all my production data from a single point, from my desktop, my cell phone, or my iPad,” continues Rastogi. “Using the dashboard, I can see how my production line is performing, and know what actions to take, and how to guide my team, to keep production running.”

Domino Cloud, part of Domino’s SafeGuard service and support package, provides Goldiee with comprehensive protection for the Ax-Series, and helps operators to maintain consistent production standards using event alerts and remote diagnostics and monitoring for operators. Diagnostic information is transferred securely from the printer to the Domino Cloud, which is then viewable from anywhere via the Domino customer dashboard. Goldiee’s operators can use the dashboard to monitor printer performance; the data is also accessible by Domino’s service experts, who provide remote support via the customer service desk.

“With the Domino Cloud, we can ensure that we are taking care of routine maintenance and ink changes at a time that is right for us to avoid downtime. This has improved our production processes, and overall performance,” continues Rastogi. “As the company evolves and more printers are added, Domino Cloud will become essential to the running and maintenance of our production lines, helping to reduce our operating costs and increase our output.”

“We are very pleased to be able to celebrate our long-standing, successful partnership with Goldiee,” says Mukesh Khanna – Senior Vice President Service, Domino Printech India LLP. “Over the last 33 years, we have watched Goldiee progress into the household name that it is today – and we are proud to say that that our products, services, and technical expertise are still just as key to the business’s operational success. We look forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come.”

“As a company, we pride ourselves on working closely with our customers, and collaborating to find the very best solution for their coding and marking requirements – so we were thrilled to be able to provide Goldiee, one of our longest-standing customers, with remote monitoring and diagnostics from the Domino Cloud,” says Paul Clarke, Product Director – CIJ, Domino. “With the Ax-Series and Domino Cloud, Goldiee has found an ideal solution to achieve superior code quality, while maximising overall production performance.”

To find out more about Domino’s service and support solutions please visit the website, or get in touch to discuss your specific requirements with one of Domino’s coding and marking experts.