Webfleet Solutions receives European Transport Award for Sustainability


Webfleet Solutions has won the European Transport Award for Sustainability 2022.

The award, from German trade magazine Transport, recognises companies in the transport and commercial vehicle industry for their ongoing commitment to sustainability, with the winners chosen by an independent panel of experts. The leading provider of fleet management solutions received the accolade in the ‘Telematics’ category.

Wolfgang Schmid, Sales Director D-A-CH at Webfleet Solutions, accepted the award together with Jeremy Gould, Vice President Sales at Webfleet Solutions.

“As part of Our Green Mission, we strive to build a more sustainable future for mobility by lowering our own carbon footprint and helping our customers reduce their carbon emissions,” said Schmid. “This award recognises our ambitions and achievements.”

With its WEBFLEET software-as-a-service solution, Webfleet Solutions supports its customers to implement more sustainable fleet operations.

WEBFLEET allows fleet managers to improve fuel usage, for example, analyse driving behaviour to promote greener driving styles and ensure the most economical routes are being taken to reduce emissions. With its solution for electric vehicles, the telematics provider helps fleets maximise the value of their EVs and enables those that want to adopt electric models to do so effectively.

Webfleet Solutions also believes in sustainable operations and is actively reducing its own carbon footprint. The company recently launched an initiative to reduce the use of plastic in hardware packaging and has also partnered with global NGO Justdiggit to offset the carbon emissions from its supply chain and facilities by supporting replanting and reforestation projects in Africa.

Through Justdiggit, Webfleet Solutions has, to date, invested in regreening an area in Tanzania four times larger than the centre of Amsterdam, resulting in 51,800 tonnes of CObeing sequestrated through bringing back over 130,000 trees.

More information about the award can be found here: http://www.transportpreis.eu