What bank holiday time off means for businesses


If there’s anything Brits do well it’s bank holidays, and as we approach the May ones this year businesses will be preparing for extra days off for many staff, who will be keen to get out and spend time with family and friends or join in street parties for the King’s Coronation.  


However, IT teams, who are usually on hand to safeguard operations and resolve any crises, deserve a break too. Our research revealed that over half (56%) of businesses reported an increase in workload for IT departments over the last year. Business leaders can help to reduce this pressure by having the right solutions in place with the confidence that they can keep their businesses running from anywhere.  


Implementing a remote IT support solution is an investment, not an extra cost. 40% of businesses reported that consolidation of communication, collaboration and IT management and support tools/solutions is one of the most important initiatives in 2023. Following through with this will ensure IT issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently and downtime is reduced to a minimum. Equally, employee wellbeing will be boosted by easing the burden on IT and security teams at a time when they are vital to the business.  


Businesses can demonstrate the value they place in all employees by ensuring IT problem-solvers can switch off and relax too with the knowledge that their IT solutions have got the company covered.