White Cup Enhances Revenue Intelligence for Distributors with Addition of Market-Leading Pricing Solution


White Cup has announced the addition of powerful pricing capabilities to the company’s Revenue Intelligence platform through a new partnership with epaCUBE, a provider of pricing, profitability and data management software specifically designed by distributors for distributors.

White Cup Pricing provides the tools for intelligent pricing practices through data analysis that predicts the behavior of potential buyers to different pricing based on sales data, customer and product segmentation.

As a result, sales teams are empowered to sell the right product at the right price to the right customers, giving distributors a tremendous advantage in the challenging post-pandemic market, and boosting gross profits by 2 to 4 percent or more.


The High Cost of Poor Pricing Strategies

Distributors face an uphill battle when it comes to arriving at the right price to offer customers to win the deal — attempting to make daily pricing decisions on thousands of products for thousands of customers while facing steep market competition. Disparate IT systems make it difficult, if not impossible, to fully leverage data and analytics to identify micro and macro trends to make the right sales decisions.

As a result, distributors operate with a blind side, lacking crucial insights on where and how their sales organizations can win, impeding their ability to sell strategically and profitably. Additionally, many distributors have a sales culture of runaway pricing overrides which erodes revenues over time.


White Cup Pricing

 White Cup Pricing is an automated toolset providing in-depth data analysis to streamline customer and product segmentation to surface pricing opportunities and sales trends and optimize quoting to establish the right price for every customer. Distributors gain improved visibility into pricing and profitability performance of sales reps, branches, product lines, customers and more. Armed with rich customer and product segmentation and market pricing benchmarking, sales reps can provide accurate quotes quickly and with confidence.

Along with comprehensive pricing analytics, distributors are empowered with training and comprehensive guidance from epaCUBE’s team of distribution pricing experts for best-practice rollout and adoption, to improve and refine pricing strategies, and to help transform their sales cultures, putting an end to haphazard “dead-end discounting” and the “race to the bottom.”

The new pricing functionality adds to White Cup’s Revenue Intelligence platform, which provides improved decision making at every turn and every touchpoint, for data-driven sales strategies that maximize revenues, profitability and differentiation.

Revenue Intelligence combines the power of CRM, BI and Pricing Optimization, integrating and transforming these technologies into a purpose-built stack to support one overarching goal – revenue growth.

“Pricing is the critical last mile of the Revenue Intelligence equation,” said Matt Mullen, White Cup CEO. “Distributors are seeing 450 or more basis points of gross profit margin improvement through intelligent pricing practices, including easy-to manage customer and product segmentation and industry leading performance scorecards.

“Distributors don’t need more technology acronyms or more siloed systems, they need tech that simply works to drive revenue,” he said. “Now, more than ever, with the addition of White Cup Pricing, we are helping distributors grow their business by capitalizing on every opportunity to drive revenue and maximize profits.”