Why bums in seats is outdated & even Whitehall doesn’t have enough desks


With the mass uptake of remote working, employers should review their current workspaces – regardless of whether they continue to work in a fully decentralised manner or opt for a hybrid path.

The last two years have highlighted just how outdated the “bums in seats” working model truly is. Employees have proven that they can work from anywhere without driving down productivity or business value. Abruptly returning to full-time in the office is not what most employees want or where the future of work is headed – there’s a greater emphasis on a work-life balance being embedded into company culture.

Even workers who look forward to returning to the office largely agree that they have benefited greatly from the choice to work from home one, two or five days a week, and on their own terms. Rather than the adoption of another obsolete working model, employers should empower their workers to choose where they would like to work, where they find the most inspiration and yield their greatest results.