Why Many Businesses Will Outsource Their IT Needs After COVID-19


COVID-19 has created a new normal; it has rapidly changed the workplace, transformed our daily lives, and made the future more uncertain than ever. Work-from-home mandates have resulted in a new reliance on technology. Many expect that more businesses will outsource their IT needs by choosing to hire a third-party to perform specialized work. Why might a human virus cause this trend? There are several reasons :

Businesses need more technical support and cybersecurity

Pen-and-paper businesses were forced to move online when the lockdown began in March. As a result, more companies began using online platforms to communicate: Restaurants needed websites for their menus, hair salons needed online calendars to schedule appointments, and corporations needed virtual private networks (or VPNs) to encrypt video conferences. The new work-from-home environment has created problems of its own: industries are suddenly neck-deep in the online world, and any weakness in their security poses a serious threat to their privacy. That’s why it is essential to ensure that your business is secure. Cybersecurity is more important than ever and hiring a third-party that specializes in IT services is the perfect solution.

It allows smaller businesses to keep up with larger corporations

In the past, smaller companies have struggled to compete with the resources that bigger ones have at their disposal. Outsourcing allows them to close this gap. It levels the playing field for all competitors by making IT services accessible for businesses at all stages. Since many companies have suffered financial losses during the pandemic, they need any advantage they can get to stay competitive in the market.

Businesses need to cut costs

Small businesses are feeling the pinch of the pandemic on their profit margins. From corporate offices to concert halls, social distancing measures have reduced revenue in nearly every industry. The reality is that businesses are losing money, and budgets are being slashed. Since much of the workplace has moved online, more businesses need IT support, but fewer can foot the bill. Businesses can lower costs by outsourcing IT services because it’s less expensive than hiring another employee. It’s estimated that outsourcing can save your business upto 20-30%  on costs. A third-party can provide specialized support for a fraction of the cost. For those who aren’t computer savvy, or who want greater cybersecurity for their business and their customers, outsourcing IT services is a feasible solution to technical troubles.

Outsourcing promotes social distancing

What could be more remote than an online video call? To reduce physical contact, more businesses may opt to outsource their work. Online platforms like Zoom provide a great solution. Less staff on-site means there’s a reduced chance of spreading sickness. Remote working has become a commonplace occurrence in the workforce; since the outbreak of COVID-19, many platforms have been developed that make communication easy. Outsourcing lowers costs and reduces the spread of infection. With this platform it is important to be aware of the security risks associated with Zoom.

Save money on equipment

When you outsource IT services, you won’t need to buy a brand new computer or new monitor for your employee – outsourced employees have all the computer supplies they need already. Not only will outsourcing save you on salary costs, but you’ll also avoid the expense of purchasing and maintaining technology.

Businesses can reinvest the money they save by outsourcing, to grow bigger

The total cost saved due to switching from a full-salaried employee to outsourcing can be put to good use. If a company wants to grow, it can invest these resources in advertising to reach more clients. Your business will have the money to expand and the IT services to support it.

Companies can receive the specific services that they need when they need them

Traditionally, businesses have had to hire a full-time IT support staff member. Not only is this expensive, but it’s not the most efficient use of resources – a business may not need IT support every workday. Outsourcing allows a company to request services only when they’re required.

It might make the difference between staying afloat and going bankrupt

When life returns to normal, businesses everywhere will breathe a collective sigh of relief. Across many industries, budgets have never been tighter. The workplace is facing challenges that have not been anticipated, like how to make services safe for consumers during a pandemic. When problems arise with IT security, businesses need to have them addressed immediately – they cannot afford to lose productivity. Outsourced IT services are available when companies need them and for a much less expensive price. That cost savings may be precisely what a business needs to survive another quarter. 2020 has been a year of challenges for many companies. Businesses that are prepared with proper cybersecurity will fare best in the post-pandemic workplace. A safe and affordable alternative to an in-person employee is outsourcing; it’s a way for businesses to fix technical problems while still reducing their budget.