Why Your Business Needs a Comprehensive Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Solution


Having a successful business means having well planned strategies and management methods that will gain the attention of the target market and achieve higher profit margins for a company.

However, there are numerous types of strategies and management that businesses need to plan in order to have success. Customer relationship management (CRM) is one of the most important types of management that businesses need to have as it provides an insight on how customers perceive a business’s products and services and whether they are satisfied with them.

As the world has become more digitized, companies have started to demand more innovative products that will help them make the process of managing their customers easier and more effective. Numerous tools have become available online such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, Hubspot, monday.com, etc., which have been able to provide success to businesses and help them draw out comprehensive customer relationships. 

In order to start digitizing the CRM process, companies need to contact these providers in order to fully transition their operations onto these platforms. For instance, when contacting Dynamics 365 experts from EPC Group, businesses will be able to comprehend the best methods of transferring all of their data onto the Dynamics 365 platform that will allow the tool to deliver better results. 

So, as CRM is one of the most important management methods that companies are required to follow to grow their business, having a comprehensive and effective CRM plan is suggested by using new and innovative applications.

How to manage and provide the best CRM solutions

When using CRM solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, companies are required to set forth some goals and objectives that will allow the tool to provide better results aimed at achieving the previously set forth goals and objectives. 

To further explain, before setting up the Customer Relationship Management solution tool, businesses should conduct some research to understand their weaknesses and threats. By doing so, companies will be able to understand where they need to concentrate more when looking through the findings of the CRM solutions which will help them grow and achieve better success. 

On the other hand, most CRM solutions provide businesses with important statistics and rates such as conversion rates, number of clicks, trafficking of a website, and many others. All these rates can be beneficial to understand a customer’s wants and needs

Thus, managing customer relationship solutions is a great method of understanding customers. So, businesses should make it a priority to start integrating the usage of the innovative tools to grow their business. 

Even though there are a lot of CRM solutions available nowadays, some solutions stand out more compared to competitor tools. One of these applications is Microsoft Dynamics 365 and here are some of the benefits that businesses will gain from using it.

Benefits of providing CRM solutions using Microsoft Dynamics 365

1. Cost-effective solution

Since Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a Microsoft Product, many companies have realized that by using Dynamics 365, they have been able to reduce some of their costs. In other words, as most companies already use Microsoft Products like Excel for storing data, Teams for communication, and Sharepoint as a cloud space, including Microsoft Dynamics into their subscription plan has decreased some of their fixed costs.

2. Flexibility and freedom to customize the platform

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides businesses with the option of customizing the platforms. In other words, users have the freedom to be as flexible as they want with the tool to easily navigate through the tool.

3. Access to every data from a single platform

Microsoft Dynamics is accessible from within the Microsoft environment, allowing users and employees to access files and data stored in other locations easily and quickly – without having to download and upload the data onto another platform.

For example, when monthly sales data is needed to get some rates and statistics, employees can easily get them through Microsoft Excel. 

4. Easy access to real-time success rates

As mentioned beforehand, Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides businesses to insert data and get real-time success rates which will help them in their decision making process. 

For instance, when conducting analysis of monthly sales on some of the new products, companies will be able to insert the data and get the results from their sales campaigns, marketing campaigns, and even their customer’s feedback from numerous sources easily.

5. Better customer support

Lastly, by using Microsoft Dynamics 365 companies have the ability to quickly open each customer’s account and provide quick support to their queries. 

Additionally, Dynamics 365 allows employees to store important information regarding a business’s products and services, allowing employees to refer to this information during customer support calls and deliver the most accurate response. 


To conclude, customer relationship management is a crucial part of guaranteeing success for companies and thus investing in innovative CRM solutions should be a priority to achieve business growth.