WithSecure launches advanced protection for Microsoft OneDrive


Securing cloud-based collaboration applications is a top priority for organizations. In response to these concerns, WithSecure™ (formerly known as F-Secure Business) has developed a new layer of protection for its cloud-based security platform, WithSecure Elements.

WithSecure Elements is a cloud-based security platform that organizations can use to offload security management to a trusted managed service provider, or manage in-house. It provides organizations with flexibility to pick and choose the capabilities they need via different modules, including endpoint protection, endpoint detection and response, vulnerability management, and collaboration protection.

Collaboration protection has become a big priority for companies – a recent WithSecure™ survey found that ensuring the security of cloud-based collaboration applications, such as Microsoft 365 and Salesforce, was one of the five most common technical security priorities among companies.

The survey also found that securing remote workers was the most common business security outcome sought by organizations – a trend that further highlights the importance of securing the cloud-based collaboration tools that enable remote work.

“The adoption of cloud-based collaboration tools is now in full-swing and is quickly becoming essential for many companies. However, the cloud is a very different environment and many organizations have yet to adjust,” said WithSecure™ Head of Products Leszek Tasiemski. “The popularity and lack of security around these tools make them an attractive attack vector for adversaries, which is a significant concern for companies.”

Respondents to the survey echoed this sentiment: about 1 in 4 respondents detected a targeted attack against their cloud environments in the 12 months prior to the survey, and about 1 in 5 said they detected more than one. 15% reported a data breach, and 6% had more than one data breach.

Advanced Microsoft OneDrive for Business protection is a new capability for WithSecure Elements Collaboration Protection solution that extends the existing advanced protection for cloud-based Microsoft Exchange Online and Microsoft SharePoint Online services. Files stored on OneDrive are autonomously analyzed leveraging real-time threat intelligence and multi-stage content analysis. They are scanned and analyzed as they are uploaded to OneDrive and on a continuous basis, including whenever they are modified.

Files that are perceived as malicious are run and deeply analyzed in a secure, isolated cloud sandboxing environment. Any malicious content discovered (such as viruses, trojans, ransomware, and other malware) are detected, blocked, or removed.

“WithSecure Elements will continue to cover more collaboration tools and platforms, also expanding to user behavior analytics, real-time cloud detection and response, and understanding the relationships between identities, cloud assets, and devices, to provide defenders immediate and full situational awareness. You will be able to supervise and orchestrate the security of your estate over a single pane of glass – regardless if it’s cloud, physical infrastructure, or applications,” said Tasiemski.


The new advanced Microsoft OneDrive for Business protection is automatically included in all WithSecure Elements Collaboration Protection subscriptions and more information is available at https://www.withsecure.com/en/expertise/resources/withsecure-launches-comprehensive-onedrive-protection.

Read more about WithSecure Elements Collaboration Protection solution and start your own free trial in minutes at https://www.withsecure.com/en/solutions/software-and-services/elements-collaboration-protection