Zebra Rugged Tablets Power First Digital Incident Command, Fire Roster Solution in North America


Zebra Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: ZBRA), an innovator at the edge of the enterprise with solutions and partners that enable businesses to gain a performance edge, announced that Battalion 3 Technologies (BATT3) has exclusively chosen the Zebra® XSLATE R12 rugged tablet to deliver its digital Incident Command (ICx) and Fire Roster software to first responders nationwide.

Recently acquired by Zebra, Xplore Technologies collaborated with BATT3 to refine and deploy this industry-first, real-time accountability solution across public safety agencies in North America. Several fire departments – including the Northern Lakes Fire District, Coeur d’Alene Fire Department, and Kootenai County Fire and Rescue in Idaho – have already increased the accuracy of their emergency response tracking, reduced safety risks, and streamlined command and control processes using this rugged, tablet-based software solution.

“With the XSLATE R12, we can easily keep track of 20-30 resources,” said Northern Lakes Fire District Chief, Pat Riley. “My battalion commander can see and update each of the assignments on the one tablet display, no matter where he or she is on scene. Plus, the automatic notifications I receive on the tablet can literally save lives by preventing burnout, exhaustion and oversight. This solution finally enables us to maintain that frequent role call cadence for accountability. No other current tech or system can do this, not even the Passport tags, which are frequently lost on scene.” 

The XSLATE R12 rugged tablet solution also generates a digital incident log, automatically recording every action taken in the BATT3 software programs and making it readily accessible should an incident review or investigation need to occur later. The digital log also provides fire chiefs with the insights needed to improve training and adjust best practices for future calls.

“Xplore rugged tablets were first developed for and with public safety professionals more than 20 years ago,” explained Tom McNeela, Senior Director, Product Management, Zebra Technologies. “We understand that mobility tools are mission-critical when it comes to first responder safety. That is why we are so pleased to partner with BATT3 to deliver this groundbreaking technology solution. It is the most effective way to increase accountability and communications on scene and, therefore, protect those who protect us.” 

“The Windows®-based Xplore R12 was the only rugged computer in the 12” category that fit all of our criteria for reliability, durability, usability, and security,” added John Morrison, Fire Chief and Co-Founder of BATT3. “Even today, the XSLATE R12 remains the only large touchscreen tablet that consistently exceeds emergency response agencies’ strict performance standards.” 

The XSLATE R12 is the only HazLoc-certified (C1D2/ATEX), water resistant and dustproof mobile device that has a bright-enough touch screen display for frequent pen, finger and even gloved-finger data interactions with the BATT3 software.


  • The Xplore rugged tablet-BATT3 software solution minimizes the risk of firefighter mayday and notifies Battalion Chiefs immediately if someone has been in action too long or if they are not responding.
  • This solution improves the quality of audits and record accuracy for later incident reporting, investigations and training.
  • The XSLATE R12 is the only large-screen mobile computing device to fully support the BATT3 Fire Roster and Incident Command software and meet public safety’s strict performance and HazLoc usability standards.