£2500 more to work from home, but this won’t cause a mass return to office


The cost-of-living crisis in the UK is forcing people to weigh up the pros and cons of working from home versus spending more time in the office. Many are expecting a mass return to the office, with predictions that home working could increase bills by a staggering £2,500.

However, the choice between home and office is not so clear cut. Spiralling predictions of £5,000 annual home energy bills come at a time of continued rail strikes and inflationary cost increases impacting other expenses such as childcare. So, the ‘work from anywhere trend’ could take off even more than before, with savvy employees looking to save money by avoiding both cost of the commute and heating their homes by working from coffee shops, libraries or convenient co-working locations.

There are encouraging signs that many UK businesses are looking for ways to support employees during this time of uncertainty, understanding the increased pressures ahead. More than ever, workers need to feel valued and be equipped with the collaboration tools and support needed to feel safe, comfortable, and productive, wherever they choose to work from.