25,000 trees and counting with PreBilt™ and Ecologi


The SAP supply chain specialist, The Config Team, has announced its partnership with climate action company, Ecologi, to launch a new tree planting project.

Known as the ‘PreBilt Forest’ initiative, the company will plant a tree every time a new license for PreBilt, its mobile supply chain solution, is sold. In addition to ongoing afforestation, 25,000 trees have already been planted across Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya and Mozambique – one for every existing PreBilt user.

The Config Team’s Product Manager, Geoff Gray, said “We are all incredibly excited about this project. PreBilt cuts out paper waste through digitisation, which can help our customers limit their environmental footprint.

“Building upon this paper saving potential, we wanted to adopt a two-pronged approach, not just limiting paper waste but actively planting more trees to boost the positive impact.”

The announcement comes in light of the recent 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP 28), where the UK government renewed its 2021 pledge to reverse deforestation by 2030. With the UK generating more than 8 million tonnes of paper waste every year, requiring about 192 million trees to produce, many companies are trying to reduce their reliance on paper.

Commenting on the project, a member of The Config Team’s CSR committee, Emma Bainbridge, said: “We are delighted to be working with Ecologi to bring the PreBilt Forest to life.”

“Given the supply chain industry has a considerable impact on the environment, tree planting is a great way to protect the climate and support biodiversity. While this has already been celebrated internally, we know our PreBilt customers will be delighted to see the effect their projects have on the environment.”

PreBilt is a rapid-deployment mobile solution that enables supply chain processes to be executed on a mobile device. Deployed in days, the intuitive user interface makes tasks quicker and easier to execute, while the direct connection to SAP ensures all data is updated in real-time for end-to-end supply chain visibility.