3 in 4 businesses believe AR is key to delivering on customer satisfaction


“While COVID-19 and supply chain issues across Europe have created new challenges for last mile delivery, it has also accelerated solutions that were long in the pipeline. For example, a heavier reliance on smartphone use and BYOD. What is especially interesting, however, is the varying priorities across Europe, but it’s positive to see that these are being recognised and investments made accordingly. It signifies that logistic companies clearly see the impact issues on the last mile can have on customers and how essential they are to address today and into the future.”

Last mile report, Nov 2021:

  • In the face of unprecedented hurdles and shifting consumer demands, European operations are more likely to invest in new services (14.3%) such as Pick Up Drop Off (PUDO) and new innovations (20.6%) including real-time delivery changes. This is in contrast to their North American counterparts of which just 5.9% prioritize new offerings with a heavier focus on meeting today’s demands.

  • The research, conducted across Europe and North America by ITTS and VDC Research respectively, found that companies who use smartphones during last mile delivery tend to be more innovation-focused, providing an advantage to meet increased customer expectations.

  • Over three-quarters (76%) of enterprises globally believe AR is an important last mile technology, with over one-third (34%) of survey respondents stating that it is a priority for them to invest in today. Businesses who use smartphones are the most likely to recognise the importance of AR, with 85.8% believing it is important and 42.9% important to invest in now.