Coach operator cuts infringements & saves time using TruTac software


Skills Group, the Nottingham-based coach operator, has reduced driver infringements and improved staff working time control since switching to TruTac’s CPT accredited tachograph analysis and HR management software.

Widely used across the PSV sector, CPT Tacho Analysis and TruTime are web-based software products which manage tachograph analysis and working time for drivers and employees.

The CPT (Confederation of Passenger Transport) closely worked with TruTac to develop the specific CPT Tacho Analysis software, based on the PSV 375 rule set.

According to Skills, CPT Tacho Analysis has made tachograph management, driver debriefing and compliance reporting faster, more accurate and easier to control. Plus, with fully automated email reporting, the company can more efficiently manage drivers’ hours and driver debriefing.

“Since our drivers started using the TruTac app,” says Group Compliance Manager, Paul Harper, “they have been able to head-off infringements because they can clearly see their own driving records, plus we have no back-log at the end of the month. Also, being able to do driver debriefings electronically and with remote downloading of data, we have gone paperless which, during the pandemic, has been a big help.”

“Meanwhile, in the back-office,” says Paul, “TruTac’s time and attendance system, TruTime, has helped to save time and reduce labour costs by accurately recording staff movements – using digital tachograph driver cards or employee smart cards – while also providing ‘clocked’ versus tacho’ start and end times.”

According to TruTac, the system was designed for fleet operators and HR departments who need to manage and monitor all their driver and personnel activities in one place. Functions include detailed lead-in and lead-out reports, driver CPC hours management, holiday requests and clocking facilities for remote workers. Clocking can also be done via the app which is also geo-located for accurate location control.

Paul Harper goes on to say, “In addition to ensuring all driver hours keep with the WTD regulations, TruTime reduces administration at Skills while capturing manual duties, managing holidays, conducting roll calls, amending clockings and providing full audit information if a clocking is amended. It’s a huge benefit to the daily business operation.”

“Even our engineers and cleaners use it!” he says, adding, “most staff routinely use their digi or clock cards without giving it a second thought, because the system is non-intrusive and so easy to use. It keeps a close eye on WTD (Working Time Directive) stipulations and makes sure that the permitted 15-minute interlude is not exceeded.”

CPT Tacho Analysis and TruTime are two elements of a multi-functional suite of products designed by TruTac to keep operators compliant and save them time and money. In recognition of its software solutions for small and large vehicle fleets across numerous sectors, the company received a Queens Award in 2020 for its innovative contribution towards safety and drivers’ hours management.

Paul Harper concludes: “TruTac’s software does all the donkey work. It’s intuitive, saves time and helps keep us compliant into the bargain.”

Founded in 1919 and now run by brothers Nigel Skill (Group Chairman) and Simon Skill (Financial Director), alongside Pete Hallam (Operations Director), Skills Group provides an award-winning choice of holidays, breaks, events and day excursions throughout Great Britain and Europe. As well as CPT members, they are also members of the Guild of British Coach operators which represents the UK’s top coach companies and is only open to those who demonstrate the highest standards in their operation.