5 Ways To Maximise the Effectiveness of Account-Based Marketing Strategy


Over the years, businesses have developed numerous effective marketing strategies to reach their audience. Whether they are online or offline, these marketing strategies have varying effectiveness. There is no secret that personalised marketing helps marketers create more effective and relevant marketing campaigns. Account-based marketing takes one step ahead by creating account-specific campaigns that consider the numerous factors related to the account.

It would be safe to say that account-based marketing would be more effective than other marketing methods. It isn’t a replacement for traditional marketing but an extension that brings together all the existing marketing campaigns through an account-centric approach. If you plan to devise an account based marketing strategy, here are five ways you can maximise its effectiveness.

1. Personalise website landing pages for accounts

Website landing pages are a great Call-To-Action to give more information to your leads and turn them into customers. Marketers usually have the same landing page for all of their accounts containing blanket terms instead of personalised messaging, which can change with account-based marketing.

ABM focuses on creating personalisation at different levels of account interactions. You can personalise the landing pages according to the information of the account. You can add an account or company name and create the messaging focusing on that particular account. You must be conscious about creating the messaging, as some accounts might also find it intrusive. Find the fine line between personalised and invasive to better effectiveness.

2. Leverage retargeting for repeated engagement

Retargeting is an excellent method to be present in front of your customer and improve your brand recall. It is an effective method to repeatedly engage your existing accounts by showing them different brand recognition elements or direct ads that tell your account about your products and services.

Numerous retargeting tools can help you set up a retargeting campaign by using the IP addresses of your account and using retargeting networks to show the ads to the partners in the network.

3. Host events that get you more relevant leads

Offer-based events are a great way to get high-quality, relevant leads. The key to hosting such events is to offer the attendees something that will create value. You have to create a need for your products and help the attendees. You have to help them discover the existing problems in their business and show them that you got the solution.

To understand this better, take an example of a cyber security company. A cyber security company can host a webinar on securing the business network and potential threats and risks caused by poor network security. It will create an urgency in the prospects. You can offer a free network security audit and show them the safety vulnerabilities in their network. Once you do this, they are more likely to buy your services as you created a highly relevant offer based event.

4. Assign sales territories based on the skills

Until now, sales managers assigned sales territories based on seniority and experience. That isn’t the case with account-based marketing. ABM marketing encourages assigning sales territories to the salesperson who is more likely to close the deal. The decision-makers need to have deep insights into their sales team and individual capabilities to make this possible. That way, they can know which of their salespersons have the right skills, experience, and background to close the deal. For example, a young salesperson, an alumnus of XYZ University, would be the first choice if the university is the prospect. The salesperson can leverage his connection with the university to create trust and credibility.

5. Make the best of direct mail

You’d be mistaken if you think direct mails do not work in this digital age. You’d be surprised to know that many top executives do not use social media; they don’t participate in online seminars nor actively post their latest updates on Twitter. Then how do you reach them? The answer is direct mail. Many top executives and decision-makers still use direct mail as the official communication medium.

You can reach those individuals by sending them direct mail with personalised offers and messaging. It is more likely to get the response as the mail goes straight to their desk. Now you understand that even conventional marketing mediums like direct mails can help to maximise the effectiveness of your account based marketing strategy.

A business that wants to crack the code to success must turn to account-based marketing. The transition would be easier as the ABM model takes the existing marketing model and approaches it with a broader perspective that focuses on individual accounts. It would be one of the best business decisions you can make for a better future for your company.


Alice Johnson Author bio– Alice is a passionate and full-time professional blogger. Also she writes on various topics. Gardening is her hobby and loves to travel a lot. She is also very much into learning new ideas that prove useful to one’s personal and Business life.