5G & Networking Industry Trends For 2020


With Christmas and the New Year approaching, Jamie Jefferies, VP and GM of EMEA at Ciena, told IT Supply Chain his predictions for 2020  :

“Analysts have been predicting the growth of the fourth industrial revolution for a number of years, and there are several different opinions as to what this looks like and if we are there. But one trend that is undeniable is this move towards a more connected and integrated world – which is something that will drive IT spending in 2020. As industrial systems get more connected, important aspects of manufacturing and industries like waste reduction, efficiency and resource management will get quicker, smarter and more automated.

But, this drive towards connected devices will put a lot of strain on existing hardware. If we are to truly gain the benefits of this golden digital age, we need to see an increase in companies deploying adaptive networks that can handle the increase in capacity and bandwidth demands. Simply put, connectivity in 2020 and beyond will be fundamental to the innovation and success of organisations.”

“Each year retailers prepare for the crowds and spikes in sales they hope to see during peak season shopping. And while Black Friday and Cyber Monday immediately jump out as key peak days, Boxing Day and the New Year sales also pose a great opportunity for retailers to capitalise on the shopping momentum.

However the way we shop as consumers is significantly changing and the long queues and crowds have been swapped for savvy buyers who are checking out prices online and looking for the best deal. That’s a whole lot of shopping, and a whole lot of bandwidth needed to handle these transactions.

During peak shopping tides, it’s fundamentally important that retailers can support the surge in online traffic and meet customer demand – otherwise they risk losing out on valuable key sales. Network connectivity plays a critical role in supporting this, and now more than ever networks need to be able to adapt dynamically and adjust ‘on the fly’ to handle spikes in traffic. As we continue to move and evolve towards a more online and digital centric approach it is essential that businesses can sustain the unprecedented demand on these holidays that try to ‘break the internet’.”