6 Jobs You Can Get With a Cybersecurity Degree


The cybersecurity field is constantly growing, allowing you to pursue many different jobs. You’ll benefit from having a high salary in many of these positions. Plus, you’ll be extremely in demand for hiring when you have a degree in this field.

If you want to learn more about what jobs you can land with a cybersecurity degree, everything you need to know is in the article below. This degree opens up many opportunities, so don’t hesitate to dive in. Here’s what you should know! 

1. Ethical Hacker

    • Average Salary: About $199,000 yearly

With a cybersecurity degree, you learn a lot about network security. Some companies hire hackers to find their security flaws so they can correct them. Otherwise, they wouldn’t know there were problems until someone hacked the system and caused damage. With many companies having an online presence today, ethical hackers are in very high demand.

Ethical hackers must have access to common hacking tools and understand advanced programming languages. You might need to access a computer system, network, data, or an application. 

There are four main rules that every ethical hacker has to follow. These include:

  1. Keep your work legal
  2. Know the scope of the assessment
  3. Report all vulnerabilities
  4. Respect privacy and data sensitivity

These professionals are also very familiar with the strategies of harmful hackers. They try to replicate their patterns to discover weak areas in the company’s security.

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2. Application Security Engineer

    • Average Salary: About $112,000 yearly

These professionals make apps secure and protect the application’s data from attacks. An application security engineer monitors how a company handles its data within its apps. Then, the engineer makes changes and builds security tools.

These adjustments ensure that malicious hackers can’t access the data within the app. They’ll also need to make sure that user data stays safe. Overall, the application security engineer’s main job is to keep data safe while ensuring the app functions as intended.

Having a cybersecurity degree makes it much easier to break into the field. It’ll demonstrate that you have experience with data protection and can keep malware at bay. Plus, you’ll be familiar with all the best security practices to keep the applications safe and working correctly.

Overall, application security engineers are very in-demand, so you’re sure to find a job in this field. With a cybersecurity degree, you make yourself much more marketable to hiring companies too.

3. Information Security Analyst

    • Average Salary: About $99,000 yearly

When we hear “cybersecurity,” many think of an information security analyst. These professionals develop and run information security strategies that protect networks and data from various security threats. 

Many also work with other IT sectors to create recovery plans and review how they should handle sensitive data within the department. 

As an information security analyst, you’ll spend much time monitoring systems for threats. You ensure everything runs smoothly and protect companies and individuals from data theft. It’s a very important job in high demand so that you can make a very high salary in this position.

You’ll want to have experience with programming and business management so that you can provide a company with protection. In short, information security analysts are experts in protecting our data online.

4. Cybersecurity Project Manager

    • Average Salary: About $86,000 yearly

If you decide to become a cybersecurity project manager, you’ll be responsible for planning network protections. These experts monitor systems and progress, then communicate with their security team. They make decisions for the team and improve a company’s security.

You’ll want to have leadership skills and an understanding of security projects. Plus, you’ll be in charge of keeping accurate documentation of digital security. If you notice a vulnerable area in the security, you and your team will work together to make it stronger.

Lastly, these professionals manage projects, budgets, and schedules and ensure that everything complies with regulations in the area. It’s a very important job, and companies look for those with cybersecurity degrees to fill the role.

5. Network Security Administrator

    • Average Salary: About $71,000 yearly

A network security administrator is the one who protects a company’s network and devices. They ensure everything remains safe and set up virtual private networks (VPNs) and firewalls to keep employees and customers safe.

Network admins need to have ample experience in IT, as well as very strong communication skills. You’ll frequently work with other admins and IT experts in the field. Many in the field recommend that you have good written skills as well.

Finally, you’ll want to make sure you study networking protocols while in school. Doing so will make your cyber security degree much more valuable when searching for a job.

6. Bug Bounty Hunter

    • Average Salary: About $49,000 yearly

Many people with cybersecurity degrees work as bug bounty hunters on the side. However, you can always make it your full-time job. These experts find vulnerable areas in a company’s system or website, then notify the company of those issues. Often, they receive money from the company to show them where their systems are weak.

To be a successful bug bounty hunter, you’ll need to build knowledge of software development, web app frameworks, browsers, data networks, and general security practices. Plus, you’ll need to understand common security weaknesses and have hacking skills.

You’ll need to keep your eyes open for bug bounties online. Plenty of huge companies make posts asking for help in discovering their weaknesses. While this job pays less than the others on this list, those in this line of work love it!

Cybersecurity Degrees Open Tons of Possibilities

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There are many jobs out there in the cybersecurity field that you can discover. With this degree, you’ll have limitless options since there’s a high demand for experts today. You’ll want to consider what security job you want, then work on building your skills in that area.

In short, you’ll have plenty of options for work with a cybersecurity degree! That makes going to school very worthwhile for a majority of people.