Rising Black Friday scams

It is critical that businesses are aware of the threats posed by Black
Friday and Cyber Monday, especially as consumers continue to split their time between the home and office. The threat landscape is constantly evolving, and cybercriminals are expanding their tactics and target groups. This threat is also intensified during the peaks season, with 79% of global organisations experiencing downtime due to a cyber-incident during a peak season.

Today, many employees are downloading and using work files and information across both corporate and personal devices. This means that while criminals could be targeting an individual, the end goal could be accessing sensitive business information.

It is therefore paramount that organisations deploy the necessary security protections across their enterprise. For example, they should adopt a Zero Trust mindset that can help them maintain control over access to the network and all instances within it, such as applications and data, and restrict them if necessary. By prioritising cybersecurity, organisations can rest easy knowing that they have taken the correct steps to protect themselves and their workforce from cyber-led scams.


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