7 Arguments Pro College for Those in Doubt


The debate whether college is good for you would last forever. It’s true that some people see no sense even in the best colleges out there. Other people appreciate their experience with higher education for a valid reason. It is hard to walk in someone’s shoes and know for sure how it has worked out for them.

Aside from the obvious financial reasons, many people see education as a meaningless waste of time. Why would anyone trust an establishment where everything you do is conform? Why would anyone want to spend years under the mountains of essays and papers? It’s nothing but stress and theft of your precious time.

The anxiety that you would not manage the workload is way too familiar to everyone who has attended their alma mater. But you shouldn’t be scared, because you can order a thesis writing service that would make a change. Every A+ student knows that it is impossible to be the first without a helping hand. At the same time, even though colleges follow rules and it stresses the hell out of people, it is an important stage for anyone.

College time is not only about home assignments and theory reading. It is the time when you get to meet your peers and create connections. College can be a tough experience for someone, but after quite some time we often remember it as a time when it was easier to fit into the team. Here’s some arguments in favor of enrolling in university.

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You get to build your character 

We have to experience college for a good reason. It is a transitional moment between childhood and adulthood, where you get to learn everything you need in your life. Yes, you still experience the pressure of keeping up with academic achievements and future choices. Yet, it is still less stressful than being thrown into the job market at the age of 18.

You always have a vast list of options before applying for a program. You can take a gap year to try working and looking at fields where you want to succeed. The problem people have with college is the bureaucracy and lack of freedom, but you still can make the most of it. College allows you to enjoy making friends, learning something new, and discovering your interests.

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You get an easier job application process

Companies provide more opportunities and lower entry levels for students. College gives you an upper hand in training you for a job after graduation. You can get stuck or work twice as hard to get the position you want without a degree. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you are a bad match for the job, but it is harder to convince someone about it.

So, while studying, you get access to the best of both worlds: time to get experience and sweat less for a position you want. A college degree is just another signal for the employer that you will spend less time adapting.


You get essential skills 

Many can disagree with this argument because they can argue they learned everything themselves. Indeed, some degrees can’t give you even a snippet of all skills that you could have had. And many things you have to self-study and only get to test your knowledge during seminars or lectures. So, what skills are we talking about?

Every college activity has a purpose. We bet you never thought that academic writing can boost your skills for your future career. It is hard to believe that academic writing can be anything more than about making your essays good. Here is what you are enhancing every day with writing:

  • Attention to detail;
  • Editing and proofreading skills;
  • Critical thinking;
  • Communication skills;
  • Fact-checking and plagiarism checking;

Now that you think about it, essay writing becomes more than getting on with boring book reports. Any activity that involves repetition ends up with nurturing skills that you would need in your career. College makes you develop them and don’t even think about it. 


You get exchange opportunities easier

Your future department would offer programs to support student exchange, both on local and international levels. All you have to do is to ask the program coordinator and check what your options are. Even if sometimes you can miss deadlines, you always get a chance to apply in the next term and enjoy your experience covered by state or host institutions. 

This experience is available for many students, and it gives a lot of benefits. You get to learn about other colleges, other cultures and meet many more friends. It is relatively easier in comparison to relocation at a company since you don’t have to work for promotions and wait till it’s offered to you. Any exchange program gives you a breath of fresh air and good points to add to the resume. 


You access business support easier

Many universities and schools offer support for young entrepreneurs. It follows the standard logic of pitching your idea and creating a business proposal, but the chances are higher for you as a student. In addition, you get to enroll in courses and initiatives for startups. It is highly prestigious for a college to have successful alumni, so they will go above and beyond to help you.


You learn to network

People often think that networking is about knowing everyone and keeping in touch with all acquaintances you made through life. As well, you might think that networking is another myth created in corporations that has nothing to do with your personal growth. Many people talk about “selling your ideas” to the right people, but in reality, networking has more to offer to you. 

Talking to people is an important part of everyday scholarly and business routines. For many introverted people, this part of a day is torture because it takes too much energy. College teaches you how to build your boundaries and not burn out after having to socialize too much.

Participating in exchanges, science fairs, and other activities gives you insight into how to keep healthy professional relationships with people. You learn from them, share your thoughts, and together you create a working atmosphere. If you don’t know how to manage your network, you will both fail to communicate with others and feel tired constantly.  


You get benefits and discounts

Your student ID is the multipass to events you otherwise would hesitate to attend. Museum exhibitions, film festivals, workshops, lectures, you get all of it with a nice discount. University is a perfect source of information and inspiration, always having something to offer you. 

In other cases, you can show your proactiveness and organize events with the support of your department. This experience will help you in your future career, as visionaries challenge the boredom of the world. 


To sum up

Even if you can’t attend college right after graduating high school, you don’t have to feel left out. College and higher education are not simply a check mark you have to put in your list. It is a time of your life that you make meaningful and take everything it has to offer you. 

So, it doesn’t matter when you were in university. It matters that you learned your lessons in it.