9 Reasons Students Fail College Writing Assignments


Time spent at college or university is a wonderful and unique experience. However, a lot of undergrads tend to face loads of mental and physical problems caused by the tremendous pressure of progressing well in classes. As they face difficulties, especially in the field of STEM, students feel burdened trying to balance personal, social, and academic life.

Assigned home tasks by their professors add to their struggles. Needless to say that every other project comes with a tight deadline that you have to meet. The reality is that all undergrads don’t possess the same set of skills and capabilities. A lot of college and university students find it hard to create an A+ assignment and thus, they fail to score the desired grades that are important for their performance. What is more, good grades play a crucial part in building plans for the future. Below, we offer some of the key reasons why students tend to fail college assignments.

  1. You don’t manage your time wisely. A great number of undergrads can’t boast of solid time management skills. They fail to plan their time effectively since they don’t work in accordance with a day planner or a timeline. As a result, they fail to hand in their assignments on time and even if they do that, the quality of the papers leaves a lot to be desired. A lot of undergrads have full or part-time jobs to be able to maintain their budget. For that reason, having enough time to do in-depth research for a term or research paper is impossible. Needless to say, most undergrads are in need of expert help.
  2. You’ve chosen the wrong subject. A lot of college and university students pick disciplines that they’re not interested in. For instance, they see their friends choosing subjects and decide to do the same in order to maintain social connections. As a result, they do not progress academically and after some time realize they made the wrong choice. More and more often, you find yourself paying someone to do your assignment, especially when it comes to the STEM disciplines. All the homework assignments in calculus, math, English and many other subjects seem to be too challenging while students aren’t motivated to cope with the tasks. They choose to hire someone proficient enough to get their assignment work done on time. Luckily, you can easily find a website that offers cheap online homework help. There are dozens of competent and educated people out there ready to write a STEM report, research paper, or any other project that you pay a pocket-friendly price for. So, in short, if you find yourself paying for home assignments more and more often due to a lack of interest in the chosen subject, it’s time to reconsider your choices.
  3. You’re afraid of failure. Let’s face it, fear is our biggest enemy. A lot of college and university students are afraid to fail to submit the tasks created on their own. They know they are responsible for their progress, and every other mistake will distance them from the desired scores. As a result, they focus on their fears and submit assignments of poor quality, especially if they deal with the disciplines in the STEM field.
  4. You procrastinate. The other enemy that most undergrads struggle with is procrastination. It is one of the main reasons why college and university students fail their assignments or submit them too late. Lack of solid skills in the chosen field, strong time management skills, and fear of failure make students procrastinate. They tend to think they will be able to compose their assignments later and as a result, they start working on projects at the last minute. Needless to say that the quality of such home assignments leaves a lot to be desired.
  5. Lack of analytical and critical skills. Some disciplines, especially those in the field of STEM, require a solid ability to think both analytically and critically at the same time. Students can’t simply copy-paste some content online and submit a plagiarized document hoping for good grades. If you don’t come up with the right solutions for your home project, chances are you’re going to fail it.
  6. Lack of interest in the chosen discipline. One of the main reasons why students fail college assignments is that they aren’t particularly interested in the chosen field of study. For instance, if you choose to study STEM subjects but your real passion is French Literature, lack of interest will turn into a major reason behind your assignment failure.
  7. You’re not really aware of assignment instructions. Every other assignment that you’re required to accomplish for college comes with a range of requirements usually provided by the tutor. If you didn’t check the list of instructions, chances are you’re going to fail your project.
  8. Improper study habits. When students are in college, many of them have not the slightest idea of what proper learning techniques are. The majority of them tend to use the same methods and techniques that helped them in high school. But the reality is that college requires vast and in-depth learning that can be achieved only by adopting a strong and effective learning strategy.
  9. You have zero feedback from tutors. We can’t say that the grading system in the college routine leaves no chance for constructive feedback. The comments on a student’s progress and their tasks are effective since they help them get a better idea of their mistakes and potential ways of fixing them. What is more, your tutor’s feedback is a great way to boost your college assignment handling. If students do not receive detailed feedback on their works, they will eventually find themselves taking up college assignment challenges enthusiastically.

If you’re a college or university student and encounter the problems mentioned above while working on your projects, it’s time to reconsider your habits. It’s no doubt that creating college assignments is a tough task. Needless to say that you also have to stick to a tight deadline. However, if you make sure to avoid the habits mentioned above, you will focus on your studies and get the job done properly.