Advanced announces 15th cloud product to join its growing SaaS portfolio


Advanced has announced the addition of Digital Dictation, a cloud-based dictation solution for the legal sector, to its growing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) portfolio. It will help law firms work more efficiently, save costs and maintain high levels of security and risk management.

Digital Dictation is Advanced’s 15th cloud product and marks the latest addition to its product portfolio since the software and service provider secured a major investment deal in August 2019 to fund its next growth stage.

The product, which is designed for all sizes of law firm and in-house legal departments, includes dictation, transcription, mobility and admin management tools in an all-inclusive package, with no hidden costs or expensive bolt-on features. It provides legal teams with time-saving efficiencies and greater flexibility by allowing more effective job sharing, workload transparency and mobile working across buildings, locations and even countries. Its cloud-based design also allows firms to capitalise on the inherent advantages of cloud technology, including reduced capital and operational costs, and greater security.

Doug Hargrove, Managing Director, Legal, at Advanced said: “To compete against today’s fast-changing, complex backdrop, legal firms are increasingly embracing disruptive technologies to significantly reduce paperwork, empower their teams and increase profits. Dictation is one of the last bastions of the analogue world. By digitising this traditional but essential requirement, we are able to give our customers an affordable way to increase collaboration and flexibility, as well as deliver a faster, more efficient service to their clients.”

Advanced offers a full cloud dictation solution to customers on a simple subscription basis, allowing for more accurate financial planning and eliminating any hidden costs. The software reduces law firms’ administrative burden, freeing up staff time for higher value work, and uses HTTPS transmission to keep information secure. It creates an audit trail for every dictation and delivers secure backup to make sure that files available as and when needed. Advanced has also partnered with transcription service provider, Dictate Now, to offer a solution for outsourced transcription services.

Advanced offers Digital Dictation customers a full set of support services, including installation, training and on-going helpdesk support.