AI is Here: Prepare to succeed


When real-world Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications first hit the mainstream in 2014, many commentators voiced their fears of humans being replaced or bypassed altogether. While this is not the case, it is clear that AI has started to have a profound impact on society. Many people already use or experience AI on a daily basis, even unknowingly. In his first book, You++, John Michaelis argues that AI cannot replicate many key human attributes and that people should use AI to enhance and augment what they do, be it at work, in business, and for their personal lives and hobbies.

John’s specialist knowledge regarding the implementation and benefits of AI to individuals and businesses is evident from his distinctive track record.

He is an active angel investor and Board Advisor for early stage AI companies and Consultant to businesses of all sizes. Within You++, John shares his expertise in a practical guide for a non-technical audience, via real life examples of how individuals may use AI both at work and in their spare time to gain new insights and develop personal initiatives.

You++ vividly depicts how AI is already impacting our daily lives, from how organisations use data, derived from our Internet use, to present us with targeted adverts and content, to the virtual assistants that are becoming common features of the home and the biometric security that the majority of smartphones now employ.

John believes passionately that given the right knowledge, everyone can benefit from AI and the many fulfilling jobs and opportunities that will emerge for those who embrace it.

For example, John writes that side hustles become easier to set up, grow and market using AI but he is keen to stress that individuals and their ideas, not AI tools, will make or break a business. John also reflects on how the structure and roles within the workplace will change and cites a variety of ways that industry can use AI to be more successful – including fighting diseases, transportation, learning and development and customer engagement.

The 2020s is set to be the decade in which AI is going to make its mark. You++ is an ideal read for ambitious individuals looking for ways to be better and more fulfilled in their job, those looking to turn a passion or hobby into a way of making money, those wanting to increase their productivity and those simply looking to gain knowledge.

You ++ is priced at £12.99/$17.95 and is published by Panoma Press. Available from now from Amazon.


John is an expert in the practical aspects of using AI and an experienced business consultant. He was the founding shareholder of Aurora, which became the market leader in AI solutions for the air sector, before a successful exit. John led his own consultancy business for over fourteen years and led some of the most complex and challenging global business change programmes in the Telecoms, Technology and Banking sectors. Following the sale of Aurora, John is pursuing his passion for the application of leading-edge technology to solve some of society’s and business’s ‘hard problems’.