AIMMS Launches Supply Chain Response Hub for Companies Looking to Evaluate COVID-19 Recovery Scenario Models


Haarlem, the Netherlands , April 2, 2020 – In these unprecedented times, AIMMS is committed to help organizations navigate the current uncertainty and operational challenges, as well as find a path for recovery. The supply chain planning software provider has released a Supply Chain Response Hub with a variety of scenario modeling assessments companies can perform to react to the current crisis and prepare for the future. 


Building supply chain resilience amid COVID-19 disruption  

The COVID-19 pandemic is taking a profound humanitarian toll and it’s a disruption unlike anything supply chain teams have been confronted with in recent decades. Deterministic planning is not adequate to deal with the scope of disruption we are seeing todayGartner advises organizations to embrace resilient planning, which they define as “as mid- and long-term plans that mitigate against uncertainty by ensuring the right degree of resiliency is built in so that short-term plans are more executable (Gartner, Mastering Uncertainty: The Rise of Resilient Supply Chain Planning, Tim Payne, November 2019). 

This type of proactive planning is a result of evaluating multiple future uncertainties, such as the effect of pandemics, politically imposed tariffs or natural disasters. Creating a digital model of the network, where the effect of these uncertainties can be seen on every element of the supply chain including warehousing, suppliers, transport and customers, can also help to gain much-needed visibility. 


Start evaluating scenarios today 

The next 2-4 weeks are critical for companies to build the resilience they need to come out of the crisis. Supply chain planning technology, like AIMMS SC Navigator, can be used to evaluate different scenarios, address many of the possible impacts and help businesses recover from losses. 

“For many years, AIMMS has empowered some of the world’s leading organizations to make better decisions by building a bridge between complex analytics and prescriptive solutions. We now find ourselves in a critical situation where such solutions can make an enormous difference, both financially and socially. We are committed to be there for you and will continue with our efforts to see how we can support you to overcome the challenges ahead.” – Aanand PandeySupply Chain Consultant at AIMMS and initiator of the Supply Chain Response Hub, and Patrick Donders, Customer Success at AIMMS  

Visit the Supply Chain Response Hub to: 

  • Understand exposure 
  • Anticipate shortages 
  • Ensure resource requirements