All-in-One RFID Label with Personalisation Options


The Adhesive Labels of iDTRONIC are specially developed adhesive labels for attachment to smooth surfaces. Our RFID labels are characterised by a permanently adhesive strip with backing paper. Optionally we offer robust 3M adhesive pads. This enables a durable fixation on all surfaces; the RFID tags are also available as on-metal version. The integrated RFID HF: 13.56 MHz chip reads a variety of MIFARE transponders according to ISO Standard 14443A and 15693. The antenna is optimally protected against damage by the optional robust white paper or PET coating. The RFID labels can be used in logistical environments such as warehouses, in industrial environments or in retail. Due to the wide range of personalisation options, we cover a variety of applications. Choose the right RFID label for you depending on your individual application:


Individual Shapes and Dimensions

Our Adhesive Labels  are characterised by a variety of possible applications. We have developed various shapes and dimensions, to meet individual customer needs. We offer the RFID labels as round, square or rectangular labels. Furthermore, we offer the RFID labels individually or deliver them on a roll.


More Personalisation Options

We encode the RFID labels with your desired data, such as serial numbers or product codes. The white upper coating can be provided with individual imprints. We offer 4C offset printing for your logo, individual designations, or barcodes. On request, we pack the RFID tags according to the desired sorting.


Supported IC Types for HF ISO Standards


Application Example: Product Labelling in Retail 2.0

The digitalisation of retail has grown enormously in the last 10 years. The use of smart RFID mobile computers facilitates the scanning of goods and merchandise on the shelves of retail markets. We offer a wide range of RFID mobile computers in our product portfolio. The use of our adhesive labels is optimally suited for product labelling in retail. The dirt-repellent and robust surface is resistant to liquids or dirt. Attachment to metallic products is possible with the optionally available on-metal version. The RFID labels can be written on and printed with product data. They can be individually personalised depending on the product type and group. Different product shapes and sizes are covered by our various shapes and dimensions.


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