Infor & MphRx Announce Global Solution to Help Healthcare Organisations Manage COVID-19 Vaccine Inoculation


Infor today announced a global strategic partnership with MphRx to help healthcare organisations drive vaccine management for the novel Coronavirus. Even though the UK has advanced to the vaccination phase, new challenges present themselves, which this partnership hopes to solve. COVID-19 vaccines are complex deployments for health organisations, requiring management of multiple-dose delivery and symptom monitoring. It is critical that health systems implement vaccine management solutions to ensure patient health through this crisis and remediation. This applies to pharmaceutical manufacturers, governmental healthcare, hospitals, life-sciences organisations, pharmacies, and payers.

Healthcare organisations are challenged to aggregate data from disparate clinical systems to effectively prioritise and engage patients for inoculation, ensure multi-dose follow-up, monitor adverse effects, measure reinfection rates, and track efficacy. The solution to this is a platform that can deploy in days, delivering powerful vaccine administration combined with effective communication capabilities both into legacy clinical systems as well as modern messaging to patients.

This partnership of Infor and MphRx brings together two best-in-breed platforms to deliver what is critically needed today — an integrated and comprehensive enterprise solution for healthcare organisations to address three main challenges in digital transformation including COVID-19 demands: provide seamless omnichannel patient experience, drive care coordination, and streamline interoperability. Specifically, MphRx’s Minerva aggregates data from across healthcare information systems and transforms it into a single, unified, FHIR-based patient record — a digital pathway to a new world of omnichannel care. Complementing this capability, Infor Cloverleaf Integration Suite streamlines the exchange of clinical data to help improve healthcare outcomes and business operations.

“Healthcare delivery is dynamic, and the pandemic has further accelerated digital transformation in this space. Unfortunately for many organisations, data still lives in different software systems that are often disconnected and create roadblocks in care innovation. The current challenge of vaccinating our entire population is driving us to accelerate solutions to manage real-world healthcare delivery at scale,” said Varun Anand, chief operating officer and co-founder of MphRx. “By jointly offering the Infor Cloverleaf Integration Engine and MphRx’s Minerva, organisations can unlock these data silos and accelerate interoperability and digital transformation across their business. We’re delighted to expand our partner ecosystem with Infor and the synergies between the two companies will allow healthcare organizations leverage our joint solutions to build better and more efficient healthcare delivery experiences for patients and their communities.”

The Infor Cloverleaf-Minerva solution provides a unified health record across the enterprise with Minerva’s vendor-neutral SMART on FHIR repository. It integrates data across disparate sources of healthcare data using Infor’s Cloverleaf Integration Suite and deploys out-of-the-box clinical web and mobile applications. These empower healthcare professionals with a 360-degree view of their patients across the care continuum, regardless of the clinical settings in which their information was recorded, and Minerva will streamline workflows to expedite and aid informed decision-making among the caregivers to deliver seamless omnichannel care.

Users can launch white-label, out-of-the-box web and mobile-based patient applications to provide consumers and their family members with real-time access to their records, schedule appointments, access omnichannel virtual care services, gain access to personalised care and make payments. Simultaneously, providing partners, third parties and consumers real-time and secure access to data using the SMART on FHIR framework. There is also an extensible digital toolkit available to customers to drive future innovation based on this unified health record such as automation, artificial intelligence and population health initiatives.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has placed unprecedented demands on healthcare organisations across the world. It is paramount that isolated platforms, clinicians, and patients are connected to meet the critical demands for accelerated vaccination programs,” says Mike Poling, senior vice president of Infor Healthcare. “Infor’s partnership with MphRx empowers healthcare organisations with the platform that deploys in days, delivering powerful vaccine administration, powered by rapid and clear clinical communication throughout the care continuum.”