Anaplan partners with hypergrowth brand Tofoo as demand goes through the roof


Much of the world is trending towards plant-based eating, and this shift looks like it’s becoming more mainstream every day with far-broad impact on people and the wider food industry. At the forefront of this food revolution is Tofoo, a £20m turnover hypergrowth company and a family favourite in the supermarkets.

Tofoo is on a mission to show the world that tofu is really rather brilliant, using a traditional Japanese recipe for a unique and wonderful taste. To maintain its presence and manage its ever-growing business and customer base, they have enlisted Anaplan to reimagine its supply chain processes.

Tofoo was looking for a solution that consolidated its supply chain planning processes and helped efficiently plan and run a fast-moving and rapidly changing supply chain. Utilising Anaplan’s demand planning platform, Tofoo automated their demand forecast model allowing confident and accurate forecasting three to five years out, Planning became multi-dimensional, involved more stakeholders and the ability to quickly introduce new products became easy. Furthermore, with statistical implementation, Tofoo will be able to increase forecast accuracy, thus improving the business’s bottom line.

“With growth comes the need for a huge internal change,” says Andy Proud, Head of Demand and Supply, Tofoo. “As our customers continue to drive demand for the product, we recognised a need for a more robust and consolidated approach to our supply chain to ensure the products meets stores in a timely manner. With Anaplan, we hope to stay even further ahead of the demand.”

This implementation now means that they can manage different routes to markets, whether this is through multiple grocers, convenience, foodservice or meal boxes. Tofoo will also be able to reduce workload on the supply chain team through automation. The increased visibility enables the company to schedule and allocate its resources more effectively.

“With the recent supply chain challenges brought on by a combination of the pandemic and Brexit, it is even more important now that businesses have a resilient infrastructure in place, one that is malleable to both consumer demand and shifts in the landscape,” says Shankar Balakrishnan Area Vice President, UKI, Anaplan. A manual approach is no longer suitable for businesses to operate effectively, they need a consolidated and digitised overview of where their products need to go and how much of it needs to be delivered. Those that embrace the agile and data-driven approach will be best placed to survive any future disruption and increased demand.”

Empowered by the Anaplan platform, Tofoo is now able to plan more confidently, with greater visibility into performance across the business. The company worked with partner Bedford Consulting to drive implementation.

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