Ansell and ProGlove Join Forces to Develop Smart and Technology Enabled Safety Equipment


Ansell Limited, a global leader in safety solutions, announces a partnership with ProGlove, a leading provider of industrial wearables, to develop hand protection solutions utilising technology to ensure the right personal protective equipment (PPE) compliance in the workplace.

This cooperation highlights industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) innovation in scaling Ansell PPE and striving to create a safer work environment. Ansell and ProGlove are poised for a breakthrough in enterprise safety management by combining smart PPE to address long standing customer frustrations. This will provide millions of workers the digital assistance for choosing the right protective equipment while providing assurance for managers that tasks are being properly executed using proper safety equipment. 

“Wearing an improper glove for work applications can expose workers to unsafe conditions, which can lead to injury and prevents workers from effectively performing their job throughout the day,” says Neil Salmon, President of Industrial Business at Ansell. “ProGlove’s IIoT wearables are a natural extension of the workers’ tools, giving them a decisive edge by strengthening their role in the digitised industry 4.0. This creates immediate value for user organisations and leads to greater efficiency, flexibility and quality. This partnership will allow for the creation of innovative protection solutions, offering real-time data collection capabilities for precise and immediate information enabling compliance safety recommendations.”

“This partnership is another example of how we apply a human centric approach when it comes to advancing Industry 4.0 and the industrial Internet of Things,” says Andreas Koenig, CEO of ProGlove. “Connecting the worker to the IIOT is our primary concern, and this certainly includes workers safety. Through this partnership with Ansell we will be able to leverage our expertise and aim at providing the industry first cloudification of workers safety.”