Anyline launches mobile solution for advanced NFC enabled ID scanning at border control

Anyline, a leading Vienna-based provider of optical character recognition technology, today announces the launch of an “uncheatable” advanced mobile NFC ID reading solution for police and border security to check passports and identity cards quickly with just their smartphones.

The 2-step NFC inclusive solution will allow authorised Apple users (and Android) for the first time ever to scan the digital biometric ID of a passport or ID card chip, as well as the text on the physical front side, determining an ID’s authenticity for certain. Enabling officers to quickly identify counterfeit documents that visually appear genuine.

These visually genuine documents are quickly identified as counterfeit due to the lack of a valid, matching biometric ID on the NFC chip. Meaning security forces can quickly identify falsified documents that may otherwise have passed undetected. Adding an additional level of complexity for counterfeiters.

The ability to scan documents with both machine reading and NFC techniques not only improves security, but also efficiency. Allowing police and border control to scan more documents and reduce queues in the process.

The ID Scanning choice of the German and Austrian Police 

Anyline technology is already used by more than 100,000 police officers around the world to scan passports, national IDs and driving licenses. Clients including the United Nations and the German and Austrian police use Anyline’s mobile technology as part of their daily tasks.

However, this has until now been achieved by reading only the machine readable zone (MRZ) or visual inspection zone of ID documents. With the launch of complementary NFC Chip scanning, Anyline now offers users an unrivaled ID verification package.

“Where Anyline ID Scanning stands above its competitors is our 2-step verification process. All of our major clients in the police have spoken to us about this capability because it gives an extra layer of security. Anyline is giving police and border security an ‘uncheatable’ ID verification tool, right on their smartphone,” says Alexander Loidolt, Anyline Enterprise Business Partner.


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