Artificial Solutions signs agreement with a Swedish automotive manufacturer of commercial vehicles


Artificial Solutions® (SSME:ASAI) announces a renewal agreement with a world-leading provider of transport solutions, for multi-language and multi-functional Conversational AI in Swedish, French, and English.

The automotive manufacturer successfully uses Teneo, Artificial Solutions’ Conversational AI development platform, to create easy-to-use, internal and external conversational interfaces that provide support to employees and suppliers.

The company is a world-leading provider of transport solutions and operates in more than 100 countries employing around 50,000 people. Teneo supports the automotive manufacturer in building a wide range of internal and external uses, including the supplier portal.

We are strengthening Artificial Solutions’ footprint in the transportation industry. Nowadays, brands have a much higher demand for Conversational AI from their customers and require a productive and scalable environment for better ROI. We look forward to continue to support for our customer so they can keep delivering best-in-class conversational AI capabilities”, said Per Ottosson, CEO at Artificial Solutions.

Teneo is Artificial Solutions’ award-wining Conversational AI development platform. It enables enterprises to build highly conversational applications in more than 86 languages running over any device, service, or operating system. Real-time data analytics allows organizations to increase personalization, automatically maintain the conversational system, and deliver actionable insight back to the business, while enabling compliance with privacy regulations such as GDPR.

Artificial Solutions’ offering, LUIS^Teneo is a cloud architecture and SaaS-based offering in Microsoft Azure, that makes it easy for companies to start small, and then scale their solutions for high volumes and across multiple channels & languages. LUIS^Teneo also connects to all major systems through an extensive portfolio of front and back-end connectors.