Avetta & Hound Labs Partner to Bring the World’s First On-Site Test for Recent Marijuana Use


Avetta®, the leading provider of supply chain risk management, and Hound Labs, Inc. have partnered to provide supply chain companies in the Avetta Marketplace with the HOUND® MARIJUANA BREATHALYZER. The breathalyzer is the world’s first ultra-sensitive solution for detecting and measuring recent marijuana use in breath. The solution will reach general availability this spring, and quotes are now available for Avetta Marketplace members to secure a system at a discounted rate.

“Hound Labs’ solution is a key method to help both employees and companies maintain safety in all areas of the supply chain,” said Richard Parke, SVP Supplier Services at Avetta. “Companies now have an accurate way to determine whether or not employees recently used marijuana prior to coming to the job site. This process is especially critical in states where recreational marijuana use is legal.”

Drug tests that analyze oral fluid, hair, blood and urine can tell only whether someone used marijuana at some point in the past—up to hours, days, weeks or months ago—long after impairment subsides. The HOUND MARIJUANA BREATHALYZER is a fairer test because it measures THC in breath for the few hours that correlate with peak impairment. Testing only recent marijuana use within the peak impairment window avoids basing employment decisions on irrelevant information about past use. Using the Hound Labs breathalyzer maintains workplaces as impairment-free environments, promoting safety and productivity of employees.

“The HOUND MARIJUANA BREATHALYZER provides Avetta member companies with a critical tool to help ensure their workplaces are safe without having to base employment decisions on positive tests for past marijuana use that may have legally occurred after work hours,” said Mike Lynn, CEO and Co-Founder of Hound Labs.

Avetta’s Marketplace also allows suppliers to purchase discounted safety products and other safety-related services. Marketplace enhances membership value by reducing costs, saving time, improving performance and growing the businesses of contractors and suppliers who participate. Avetta was the first in the industry to offer a “Marketplace” of these kinds of value-added services.

For more information about the HOUND MARIJUANA BREATHALYZER, visit the Avetta Marketplace.