Axele Hits Outstanding Milestone of 10,000 Loads Since Introduction Less Than 90 Days Ago


Axele, LLC, a Transportation Management System (TMS) company, announces that it has hit an unprecedented milestone of over 1,000 users registered and 10,000 loads managed in less than 90 days since introduction of the Axele TMS. The rapid adoption of Axele TMS validates the need for an intelligent TMS in the market targeting small to midsize truckload carriers.

“Seeing this significant growth of users and loads since we started charging subscribers on November 2, 2020, the day the product became fully commercialized, shows that the truckload carrier market has long been underserved and in desperate need of a solution like this,” said Ryan Camacho, Director, Business Development, Axele.  “With the Axele TMS, small to midsize carriers can reap the benefits of an optimized, automated, and connected TMS, with features and functionalities that enterprise TMS systems offer to large clients, at an affordable price.”

Parent company Optym in June 2020 initially launched Axele TMS. From June through October 2020, Axele TMS users had used the tool at no charge. However, in November 2020, Axele launched its paid subscription model and has experienced impressive adoption by over 1,000 users, with 750 truck drivers hauling over 10,000 loads managed by the system.

The Axele TMS is built using Optym’s proprietary algorithms that have successfully optimized flight schedules, railroad network planning, and linehaul planning for global logistics corporations. Axele TMS empowers small to medium-sized truckload carriers to increase operating income and reduce the time spent managing the business. The system is the first to deliver advanced optimization and automation technologies to carriers of all sizes – capabilities that were once available only to large enterprise-sized trucking companies.