World Economic Forum Invites ProGlove CEO Andreas Koenig to Participate in Davos Agenda Week

The World Economic Forum has invited ProGlove CEO Andreas Koenig to participate in this year’s Davos Agenda Week (January 25-29, 2021). ProGlove is the leader in ergonomic wearables for industry and relies on a human centred design approach. The company’s CEO Andreas Koenig is a passionate advocate of worker empowerment and will continue to reinforce this message.

“Ensuring global economic prosperity and stability is more important than ever as the world continues to struggle with the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Andreas Koenig. “Yet it is critical to focus even more on the human worker. With or without the pandemic, there are three bits of fundamental truth the global business community needs to adhere to. First, we need to connect the human worker to the Internet of Things. Second, we need to enhance human-machine collaboration. Third, we need to relentlessly drive the digitisation of the shop floor. This will allow businesses to tap into micro-efficiencies and scale them massively while raising product quality immensely. At the same time this will also promote worker well-being and safety. Both of which pay off tremendously in the long run.”

The Davos Agenda Week is the World Economic Forum’s this year’s get together of world and business leaders. Due to the current travel restrictions the event will be held online. The public broadcasting is available at:

Many of the world’s most renowned industry organisations are relying on ProGlove’s wearable barcode scanners and software solution to tap into micro-efficiencies, raise quality and protect the well-being of their workforce. The World Economic Forum recognises ProGlove’s unique approach and therefore selected the industry wearable maker to be a “Technology Pioneer” of the class of 2020. More information about that is available at

Schedule a one to one briefing, if you are interested in discussing any of the above topics with Andreas Koenig! Use this opportunity to learn how the wearable maker’s solutions are helping organisations around the world and how a human digital twin could promote even more efficiency, quality while enhancing worker safety and well-being!


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