Basware Adds Tools for Power Users to Improve Usability for Non-AP Staff


The latest release to the Basware (Nasdaq: BAS1V) Accounts Payable (AP) Automation solution introduces a standalone set of features designed for a dedicated user role outside of the AP department: the power user. Power users process more invoices than business users and perform complex invoice processing activities like AP clerks. Because of the complexity of their work and sheer number of invoices they process, this new release streamlines the user interface, which simplifies the process, increases user adoption, and ultimately provides the organization with better spend visibility.

“The new features provide the missing link between business users and AP clerks to optimize efficiency in AP operations, allowing organizations to meet their AP key performance indicators,” states Olav Maas, Director AP Automation, Basware. “It’s difficult – nearly impossible – for a central AP team to understand all specific local requirements of purchases. Think of project managers in the construction industry purchasing construction materials and coordinating sub-contractors, or property managers in real estate with spend responsibilities such as cleaning and landscaping services – only they understand the particulars of these specific processes. They are also expected to complete the task of processing incoming invoices from those vendors. This means that they require sophisticated and precise tools to complete these tasks more efficiently.”

The additional tools, designed specifically for power users, provide this user type with a single, desktop-optimized view of all their tasks. It presents all relevant invoice information — image, coding and actions — in that one view, allowing them to match invoices with purchase orders and access coding tools with great ease. This streamlined interface delivers process efficiencies and ultimately improves user adoption because users can make quick decisions as they don’t need to click through multiple screens — or even navigate around on the one screen. By increasing the through-put of invoices, this technology leads to benefits such as the ability to capture early payment discounts and greater overall spend visibility for the company.


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