Best Firewalls for Small Businesses in 2020


Businesses, irrespective of their scope or type of service provided, are prone to falling prey to cyberattacks. However, smaller businesses are more likely to be targeted as compared to those who have been in the industry for quite some time. This is because small scale businesses are softer targets. Attempting to hack their data resources is more likely to lead to success. Therefore, managed IT service providers always stress on the significance of cyber security and use of firewalls, especially for the small scale businesses.

There are a handful of firewalls available, each of which claims to be nothing less than the absolute best. But, if you are truly in search of the best firewall service for a small business, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best firewalls for small businesses in 2021:


1.Ciaco ASA:

Cisco ASA is a comprehensive firewall solution that comes with all the features that you need to safeguard and protect your business’s resources. From covering the enterprise network to individual device protection, they offer it all. Other than the software firewall, they also offer hardware based firewall solutions that are acclaimed to be one of the best by IT outsourcing Los Angeles.

Cisco ASA firewall is also an ideal choice for businesses operating from different locations. This is because they offer VPN routers that can offer protection, even over larger distances.  The interface is a bit hard to get around, but once you get used to it, this should not be an issue either. Hence, Cisco ASA is undoubtedly the best firewall solution, especially targeted for small scale businesses.


2. Firewalla:

Small scale businesses are always looking for a firewall service while sticking to a tight budget. Firewalla is the perfect solution for such businesses. They offer hardware firewall services. Install the router with the firewall box and your business resources will be protected.

Other than intrusion prevention, they also allow their customers to implement access control so the company can block access to sites or keep an eye on the pages that their employees are visiting. Thus, it is not only an affordable firewall service, it will also help you keep all your employees on track.


3. SonicWall:

It is quite normal for businesses to operate from multiple locations. SonicWall firewall services are the best bet for such businesses. SonicWall is a perfect choice for small scale businesses because they offer customizable firewall services. Thus the customers can scale up the services or scale them down according to the changing needs of their business.

Their firewall services are based on Machine Learning algorithms that offer flawless and reliable firewall services for their customers. Plus they offer the “zero touch deployment” installation that makes configuring of the firewall service as simple as it can be. It is one of the best entry-level firewall service providers.


4. Fortinet Security Fabric:

Fortinet is one of the best and leading firewall service providers in the market. They offer a wide range of services that are highly recommended for small to mid-scale businesses. Fortinet is amongst the very few companies who have come up with their own application specific integrated circuit processors. These security chips are specially designed for the Fortinet firewall services and offer secure and high speed network management and firewall services for their clients.

The router offered by Fortinet is also quite reliable. The service management is handled using a single console. Therefore, keeping track of the services and managing the cloud and firewall is quite simple and convenient. The main data center is based on cloud storage so all the resources and insights are easily accessible.


5. Ubiquiti EdgeRouter:

Ubiquiti EdgeRouter is not purely a firewall service. They offer an affordable network router that comes with a built-in and pre-installed firewall service. Users have the freedom to customize the firewall service as per their needs. You can keep your business and resources protected and also filter web content and block websites as needed.

The Ubiquiti firewall services are very easy to install and configure. They also offer a comprehensive manual that can be consulted in case the customers face any issue while using the firewall services. If you are a small scale business owner who wants to invest in a firewall service that can be downsized and is specially catered to the needs of small scale businesses.



IT Support LA highly recommends the use of a firewall service. A firewall serves as a forte that protects the business and its valuable and sensitive resources. Without the use of a firewall, the business is exposed to threats and unauthorized attacks.

The use of a firewall also helps the business owners control traffic so that the employees can be kept on track and their productivity can be assured. To help such small scale businesses, we have compiled a list of the top five best firewall services for small businesses.


Bones Ijeoma is CEO and co-founder of AllSafe IT, and his mission is to make downtime obsolete. Bones received a BS in Computer Engineering from Cal State Long Beach and received an MBA in Entrepreneurship from USC Marshall School of Business. After finishing school and working for companies such as Marriott Hospitality, Dreamworks, and UCLA Medical Center, Bones realized there was a need for small businesses to have access to the same technology solutions that large corporations leverage.