Best of Industry Award for Jungheinrich’s cross-technology battery charger SLH 300

The Jungheinrich SLH 300 battery charger system received the Best of Industry Award in the category Operating Technology. The SLH 300 represents a new generation of high-frequency battery chargers that are suitable for both lead acid and lithium-ion batteries. When explaining its decision, the judging panel underlined the importance of cross-technology interconnectivity and support for multiple technologies in charging. According to them, the SLH 300 combines the best of both worlds. The in-house development, produced in its Norderstedt production plant, is an essential component of the solution Jungheinrich provides to its customers, which includes a complete, optimised package comprising of truck, drive system, battery and charger systems.

“The SLH 300 brings together a perfect solution for the needs of the rapidly growing lithium-ion market, and new and smart solutions for the existing lead acid market. This makes the new SLH 300 a significant milestone in the battery charger market. Using communication interfaces that offer long-term operational gains, advanced energy efficiency and a standardised and intuitive approach, we aim to demonstrate the benefits of Jungheinrich’s technology to our customers,” explained Dietrich Vahldiek, Head of Product Management & Development for Energy Storage Systems and Charger Systems at Jungheinrich.

A carefully selected range of versions ensures that the device provides optimum value for money in each given application: the SLH 300 is available with support for 15–320A and caters to many truck voltage classes and many different national voltage standards. It offers maximum flexibility for the user and is available with numerous well-conceived options, for example a fully graphical display or an automated Aquamatik electrolyte refill control unit.

This is a unique feature among comparable products – a device that features a smart electrolyte refill system with a level sensor to detect when the fill level is too low, causing the battery charger to transmit the Aquamatik signal. This then triggers an automatic electrolyte refill, boosting the service life of the battery and generating cost benefits for the user.

It is also possible to integrate other innovative networking options – such as a telematic module developed in-house that can be used for tasks such as monitoring power consumption across entire truck fleets as closely as possible in order to optimise energy use.

The charger system is also incredibly easy to set up and use. The SLH 300 is a modular system that is built with cascaded modules, made up of a basic housing type and includes a country-specific power supply unit, power modules, a display unit and other optional extras. All of the devices in the series are designed to be wall-mounted or installed in a standing position. Once mounted or installed, the compact and lightweight battery chargers can be used immediately. The smart operating concept ensures that the devices are easy to use, and the LED status indicator is visible even from a greater distance.

Hoyame Saber, Sales Director for Jungheinrich UK adds: “As a leader in the warehousing and logistics industry, we aim to continually be at the forefront of new energy saving technology and bolster our extensive range of innovative products and intralogistics solutions. Jungheinrich is extremely proud to have our SLH 300 battery charger system recognised by these awards.”