Biden warns businesses to be prepared for Russian cyber attacks


With the mounting cyber threat as war between Ukraine and Russia escalates, and President Biden’s latest warning to businesses about the possibility for cyber attacks to develop as part of the conflict, it’s important that leaders keep their workforces well-informed and aware of the way threats can infiltrate a company.

 Threat actors will be keen to capitalise on the anxiety and fear in this uncertain climate, so prompt and clear communication is a key first step to navigating through these situations safely. To combat a potential salvo of cyber attacks, basic digital hygiene can go a long way in defending against potential Russian threats.

 When using tech, being wary of phishing attempts operating through fake emails and messages is vital. Alongside scam awareness, one of the best methods of protection is regularly updating passwords and ensuring they are unique and long, and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) can also add an extra layer of defence here. Keeping devices and apps updated also helps patch over new vulnerabilities that cyber criminals might be looking to exploit.

Sharing knowledge and expertise has never been more important. As Russian threat actors look for chinks in the armour, it’s crucial that businesses keep staff educated and well-equipped to keep their devices clean and safe, so that sensitive corporate information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.