BML Group blasts off with BML.Work


BML Group, a leader in business change and digital transformation, today launched BML.Work, a disruptive approach to finding, hiring and keeping the best IT and digital business leadership.  


BML.Work takes the deep expertise of the CIOs, CTOs, programme managers, development leads and enterprise architects within BML Group and focuses it on defining roles that deliver digital business success.  It then leverages the connections and network of the BML Group to find the right talent to make those requirements a reality. 


“We are the brains trust behind the most successful mergers, acquisitions, spin offs and digital transformations in Europe. We have been both candidate and client when it comes to recruiting the best leadership talent,” said Ben Johnson, CEO, BML.Work.   


Johnson continues: “Our experience has shown that the current recruitment of leaders to steer businesses through these changes, is broken. This is especially true of technology chiefs. Recruiters have become focussed on buzzwords instead of deep understanding. They have driven a volume approach to CVs that demands counterproductive filters, and AI interviews that miss human, social skills or vital experience.  It just does not work.” 


“BML.Work is our answer to this problem. When it comes to digital business leadership, we have been there, done that and bought the t-shirt. We have created the strategies.  We have implemented the roadmaps. We have led the teams.  We know it is about finding humans, not keywords.”