Boomi Launches New Integration Center of Excellence Service to Help Enterprises Realize Their Digital Ambitions


Boomi™, a Dell Technologies™ business, announced today the availability of a new ICoE service to enable an enterprise to apply best practices, company and industry guidelines, and a growing repository of reusable frameworks to the work of building and managing integrations for their business.

The professional services product, developed in collaboration with leading global system integrators and based on Boomi’s experience with more than 10,000 customers, standardizes and accelerates integration development, reduces IT costs, and makes it easier for enterprises to connect quickly and easily to the people, data, and devices they need for digital transformation. Boomi offers its ICoE service as part of its Customer Success program for enterprises.

In contrast to earlier industry efforts with ICoEs, this service combines modern development and management practices with the Boomi Unified Platform to provide a more productive, flexible, and collaborative IT environment. A modern ICoE should take advantage of an integration platform flexible enough to address all the types of integrations needed in a modern enterprise, whether those integrations involve low-code development, API development, or custom coding, and whether those integrations connect to cloud, multi-cloud, on-premises, IoT, or other endpoints.

Organizations of today need to respond to changing market dynamics and the new ICoE service enables customers to react more quickly to achieve business outcomes faster. This agility allows business units and business users to contribute to product development and increase productivity and innovation across the enterprise.

“Based on our experience with over ten thousand customers, Boomi has developed the first ICoE model for the age of rapid, distributed innovation and AI, IoT, multi-cloud infrastructures, and other technologies, that enterprises depend on today,” said Chris Port, Chief Operating Officer for Boomi. “We’re uniquely positioned to help customers make the most of the Boomi Unified Platform to drive integrated experiences with their customers by building integrations, reducing technical debt, and achieving their goals for growth and digital transformation.”

Boomi’s ICoE practice provides the breadth of expertise and flexibility enterprises need for building integrations fast, affordably, and reliably and getting the highest possible return on their integration investments.

“Boomi plays a critical role in this new era for integration centers of excellence,” said Chandan Mishra, Senior Manager, Cloud Engineering, Deloitte Consulting LLP. “The comprehensiveness of the Boomi platform – covering integrations, API lifecycle management, data governance, and workflow automation – supports ICoEs and their core mission to support standardization, efficiency and rapid development to power the business.”

The Boomi ICoE service comprises a five-step methodology that can be adjusted to meet an organization’s goals and readiness. Every organization starts at a different point in the integration maturity spectrum and has unique strengths, opportunities, and constraints, which need to be understood and factored into any ICoE initiative. The Boomi ICoE service helps customers with the maturity journey enabling them to more quickly and effectively achieve better business outcomes.

“It’s clear that Boomi’s ICoE service would have given us a head start on our journey to building an ICoE and implementing integration best practices,” said Murali Anakavur, IT Director at Gilead Sciences, Inc. “Once you start on the integration journey, it isn’t very long before you have hundreds of integrations. It is difficult to redo that volume of work, so you need a good set of ground rules and a well-designed foundation up front – and that’s just what Boomi’s new ICoE service provides.”

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