Brandili Adopts Infor Solutions to Digitally Transform its Business


Infor, the industry cloud company, today announced that Brandili, a Brazilian textile company founded more than 55 years ago, is implementing Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise to digitally transform its business. Brandili selected Infor LN as its ERP, and Infor OS, a low-code platform that enables easy integration with other software, providing a comprehensive and integrated solution connected to several other systems.

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Implementation of Infor CloudSuite enables Brandili to have a centralized database with information such as purchases, including prices, quantity, terms, suppliers, and taxes, minimizing manual errors and evaluating production costs.

Infor OS is a low-code platform that facilitates integration of ERP with other IT solutions used by Brandili, both Infor and third-party solutions. This characteristic is mentioned by Gartner in its Magic Quadrant for Cloud ERP for Product-Centric Enterprises. OS also adds Infor ERP tools such as business intelligence, business analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help automate processes in business management.

All Infor CloudSuite solutions are hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services), which provides benefits such as scalability, lower operational costs, less need for IT professionals responsible for infrastructure maintenance of data center, security tools against cyber-attacks and natural disasters, and high availability, with redundant infrastructures and backups.

Brandili’s partnership with Infor is part of the textile manufacturer’s industrial modernization plan, which includes investing R$10 million reais (Brazilian currency) in new technology and launching its own e-commerce solution. Approximately 80% of resources are assigned to process management tools, with Infor CloudSuite as the main application.

“Infor solutions are developed with HTML5, which enables ERP information to adjust to any device, desktop or mobile connected to internet. ERP information can also be accessed with mobile applications connected to the solution. The goal of this strategic activity is to obtain operational efficiency, and it clearly shows Brandili’s desire to provide better products and services to customers as well as tools that help employees better execute their tasks,” states Jônatas Schmitt, Brandili digital transformation manager.

Strategic and lasting partnership

Brandili has more than 15,000 customers in 25 countries. It has partnered with Infor for more than a decade with on-premises solutions. When Brandili decided to develop a roadmap to the cloud, Infor was selected due to its robust solutions, portfolio of products needed for the digital transformation, user support and trust.

“Customers are our priority, and we are happy with services Infor has provided, so we renewed our partnership to help us on this road to transform our business that, due to textile industry complexity, requires implementation of more robust software,” Schmitt adds.

Infor solutions provide integration in the plant with all business management. “Our tool is developed to fulfill specific needs of the manufacturing sector, and to enable activities management in agile and efficient operations,” says Waldir Bertolino, Infor Brazil country manager. “We are enhancing Brandili’s value chain and collaborating to guarantee growth in the long term. This involves reducing costs in data maintenance, infrastructure and upgrades.”