Britain faces continued supply chain disruption


Today, data obtained by INews shows the extent of Britain’s supply chain crisis as Britain is dubbed the world’s worst wait with a figure of 51 days of “dwell time” last year, compared to 50 in America and 25 in Germany. In China, the figure was just five days

In light of this, Neil Murphy, Global VP at ABBYY, a digital intelligence company, comments on the urgent need for digital innovation to help supply chain management in the shipping and logistics industry:

“The UK continues to suffer from the supply chain pinch and this latest logistics “snarl up” has brought the industry to the tipping point, which only raises the question, could we have been better prepared? 

This disruption must act as a wake-up call. Knowing the weak link is already half the battle, it’s time for supply chain leaders to gear up, build resiliency and rethink their supply chain management. 

It’s clear: supply chain leaders must look towards investing in technology, such as process intelligence. This will enable them to gain visibility into their processes that can expose delays, shortages or even assess vulnerabilities that can be remediated before they occur – this is crucial to avoiding another supply chain disruption.”