Clinical Labs are Integrating Tecsys’ Elite™ Healthcare Software to Automate Inventory Management

Tecsys Inc. (TSX: TCS), an industry-leading supply chain management software company, today announces another important milestone for its end-to-end Elite™ Healthcare supply chain execution platform with the commercialization of its automated inventory management and management insights solution for the clinical lab environment. By leveraging the robust Elite™ Healthcare software platform, this software solution builds on clinical supply chain best practices and process optimization while helping clinical labs to tackle the most common inventory challenges.

With clinical lab inventory management implementations live at over 70 labs across more than 20 countries, Tecsys’ software already has a solid footprint in the industry with a demonstrated capacity to cater to the regulatory and compliance requirements unique to different jurisdictions and markets.

Tecsys’ automated inventory management for clinical labs is an intuitive technology solution designed to track, monitor, and report inventory levels and consumption within a lab environment. The solution provides unparalleled efficiency and transparency across lab-specific inventory management activities, equipping organizations to streamline workflows and optimize inventory levels while restoring clinical time spent on supply-related activities back to clinical duties. Architected to existing lab environments and site-specific conditions, the solution can be deployed across workstation and mobile interfaces, as well as leverage barcode and RFID technology.

“Tecsys software has been employed in clinical labs for a number of years in multiple locations around the world via our white-label partners,” says Cory Turner, senior director, Healthcare Strategy at Tecsys. “We have been working diligently behind the scenes in partnership with these organizations to test the mettle of our offering in real world settings and an intuitive and integrated component of a broader healthcare supply chain platform. What we bring to the market in this space is not only a benchmark for clinically integrated supply chain operations, but also one that has been stress-tested over the past half decade.”

In addition to automating usage capture and demand triggers, the solution provides real-time track and traceability, automated expiry and waste management, patient specimen tracking and robust inventory optimization tools. It is built on a common platform with Tecsys’ other Elite™ software products which offer complementary functionality within the broader healthcare supply chain ecosystem.

“We design technology for the healthcare industry that simplifies the user experience and reduces the supply chain-related burden on clinical personnel, while empowering supply chain teams to perform at the highest level,” adds Turner. “Those core tenets apply equally to our clinical lab offering, where efficiency, accuracy and high cost of error are fundamental to an effective operation.”

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